The Streetly Tapes Vol 5

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Some of the rarest 'Tron sounds ever recorded

The Streetly Tapes – Volume 5 contains some of the rarest ‘Tron sounds ever recorded. Guitar gems from Adrian Belew (King Crimson) and Steve Hackett (Genesis) along with a show-stealing 12 String Guitar. Bass Clarinet & Bass Flute (a sound perfectly complimenting the original and iconic MkII Flute) align beautifully with the fabulous Winds n Reeds.

Volume 5 also offers a number of unusual sounds, especially the Uriah Heep tape bank recorded from master tapes so the band could faithfully recreate those parts on the road, but also highlighting the importance of the early sample player, the Mellotron®.

In terms of musical instrument design and production, Mellotron® history is long, complicated and full of intrigue. But in today’s world one thing stands out, Streetly Electronics are the only current manufacturer providing direct lineage to those early 1960s instruments guaranteeing authenticity.

The add-on pack feature 24 carefully curated tape banks from the original UK ‘Tron masters and over 150 Patches for M-Tron Pro.

Artist's Opinion

“The strings, winds and that 12 string are my favourite banks in there. Perfect for that oldy worldy small ensemble vibe that was on those 60s and 70s recordings.”

Alex Ball

Tapes Descriptions by Martin Smith, Streetly Electronics.

Adrian Belew Guitar – A powerful and explosive guitar from Adrian Belew. Recorded almost 22 years ago and not that well known, it seems time to give it a bigger platform on M-Tron Pro

All the Brass – An end of term shindig by the sounds of it. Enthusiastic blowing. Almost illegal.

Baritone Sax – Like a teenage Alto with testicles that have just dropped and voice that has broken.

Bass Clarinet – More refined than the baritone sax, kind of Posh and Deep (not two failed girl band singers)

Bass Flute – Smooth and dreamy, the gently pulsing vibrato being very hypnotic. I am a chicken.

Big Sax – The sax players heard about the fun the brass guys were having and had their own knees up….in a garage by the sounds of it.

Big Strings – If Holst, Ravel or Vaughan Williams had owned a mellotron, they would have wanted these expansive recordings.

Ebow Guitar – Our friend Tim Christensen with his sustained and buzzy axe.

Electric Viola – To accompany the electric violin in the last collection, a charming alternative to an acoustic viola.

Flute Choir – Flute Choir – Every flutey recording we have blended lovingly for a rich, smooth and heavenly blow job.

Fretless Bass – Someone stole my frets! Okay, I’ll play it anyway. Niiccee.

Triple Low Cello – Three cellos plumbing the depths of sadness and despair.

Massed Violins – Everything at one go!

New French Horn – A very different French Horn from the original MKI recording and maybe now’s the time to make a cunning blend of the two, Ladies and Gentlemen.

Octave Harpsicord – What the pluck? Or, perhaps more to the point, What’s the point of a Harpsicord with no pluck? You decide.

Piccolo – A single piccolo can be heard above an entire orchestra due to it’s character. If you don’t believe me……

Plucked Piano – Why not climb inside a Steinway with a plectrum? Don’t bother, we’ve already done it.

Pub Piano – If you want to go all Cockney and jellied eels, now’s the time.

Random Choir – Many voice recordings have been amassed over the years although none of them were that strong on their own so we glued them together.

Steve Hackett Guitar – Steve, bless him, recorded this after we’d lugged a MKII down to his house for him to sample. Dave Spiers of GForce was there. One of the MKII amps exploded but Steve got his samples for the original Genesis Revisited project. As a thank you he recorded his classic guitar sound for us. Ta luv.

Twelve String Guitar – This is a little charmer. Gentle and warm.

Two Cellos – Two slightly aggressive cellos where the two individual takes are so close in pitch that it phases tastefully. Great playing.

Uriah Heep SFX – Many years ago we acquired the Uriah Heep M400 and in the base, under the power pack were spare tapes. They were not in great shape but after some work we managed to rescue the recordings.

Winds ’n’ Reeds – A vast array of blown instruments with no social distancing. The fools…

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The Streetly Tapes Vol 5 is also available with new purchases of the “M-Tron Pro – Complete” bundle which includes the M-Tron Pro IV and all the Expansion Packs. That is a superb 12.5GB+ sound library with 525+ tape banks and 3700+ presets.


The Streetly Tapes – Vol 5 Expansion Pack is only available to registered users of M-Tron Pro.

Additionally, it is exclusively available via this website as a direct download (631MB) via “My Instruments” when the purchase has been completed.

The Streetly Tapes – Vol 5 Expansion Pack is only available to registered users of M-Tron Pro.

Additionally, it is exclusively available via this website as a direct download 631MB) via “My Instruments” when the purchase has been completed.

Key Features

  • A GForce Software and Streetly Electronics collaboration
  • Tape banks from the original UK ‘Tron masters
  • Derived from original EMI tape-stock
  • Over 150 M-Tron Pro Patches
  • 24 carefully curated tape banks for M-Tron Pro
  • 35 notes per tape bank
  • Exclusively available via download – 631MB

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Buy The Streetly Tapes Vol 5

£49.99 Ex. VAT

The Streetly Tapes Vol 5

£49.99 Ex. VAT