Sporting a new livery based on the final revision Odyssey, Oddity2 takes the character and operational architecture of the original and via a wave of enhancements, transports the spirit of the original into a new dimension.


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It’s immediately evident when playing a Gforce instrument that the creators of these plugins are in love with the hardware they emulate. Great sounds coupled with extremely faithful recreations of these classics make these must-haves in your collection.

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The Original Instrument


The versatile ARP Odyssey synthesiser, introduced in 1972, was used by artists as diverse as Gary Numan, Herbie Hancock and Kraftwerk. With few produced, it’s now very much a collector’s item.

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Oddity2 is a virtual instrument in the following formats:

  • Standalone
  • AudioUnit
  • AAX
  • VST


The Minimum System Requirements are as follows:

  • Intel Mac
  • macOS 10.7 to 10.15.x

*Oddity2 DOES NOT WORK with macOS Big Sur at this time.

Oddity2 is a virtual instrument in the following formats:

  • Standalone
  • RTAS
  • VST


The Minimum System Requirements are as follows:

  • Intel Pentium IV 1GHz with 1GB RAM
  • Windows XP SP2

Key Features

  • Two syncable oscillators plus a sub oscillator
  • Fully tuneable across a six octave range
  • Monophonic, Duophonic and Polyphonic modes
  • Sawtooth, Square, Sine & Variable pulse width waveforms
  • Ring modulator
  • Two resonant 24dB/octave lowpass filter modes
  • One 12dB/octave filter mode
  • Highpass filter
  • Vast Modulation options via additional XLFO and XADSRs
  • Dynamic control over filter cutoff and amplitude
  • Timed Morphing between presets within a preset bank.
  • Flying Slider feature
  • A=440Hz Reference tone
  • On-Board Delay
  • Spread and Random Pan Modes
  • Over 1000 Categorised Patches
  • Full automation support

Free trial

The trial version of Oddity2 is an ideal way to test the instrument on your system before purchase. Free to download via the links below.




The Oddity takes all that was great about the classic ARP Odyssey synthesizer and brings these qualities into the modern age; like morphing between any two saved patches within a 64-patch bank. But don’t think the Oddity is just for geeks – it’s perfect for musicians recreating evocative sounds from the 70s and early 80s.

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