This diary is private and represents the personal views of GForce software associates and not necessarily those of GForce Software Ltd.

Sound and Vision

A new and inspirational piece of music making by our friend Diego Stocco, Music From A Dry Cleaner, can be seen and heard here. It fits so beautifully with our current thinking. Fantastic!


Curious Noises

Our heads are awash with previously unrecognisable combinations of sound. All the while we tinker, refine and adjust until we are back at the start. Fun times.


1973 Rouge

You know who you are. THANK YOU!


Feeling happy now

Thirty three emails to resolve one issue. It wouldn't have been any easier on the dog either!


Banging our heads

Support regularly throws up some interesting issues. These are often specific to a single system or OS/Host combination and can be extremely time consuming to resolve. These past two days have left me feeling as if I've been banging my head against the proverbial brick wall.

The weird and the wonderful

The guitarist runs to the limo Elvis style and Dave sits eating a pork pie while listening to the sounds of liposuction.



For the past couple of weeks we've subjected our customers to often lengthy delays. We understand only too well how frustrating this can be.

Thumbs up

It seems as if an age has passed since we started working on this new site but we are delighted with the results so far.

As if by magic.

Just like buses, two come at once. It looks as though the Mac installer is finally sound and functioning as we'd expect. A day of great relief.

The knock-on effect.

An ex-emplyee struggles to complete anything while testing frustrations reach a peak. PT is not our favourite host!