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I could be all cryptic but I won't. I could spill the beans but I won't.




....and while marrying great engineering with musicality is a real passion of mine, and something that we persue here every day, it's very gratifying when customers write to us indicating they notice how it makes a difference over companies who are primarily engineering focussed. Thanks Daniel


...and while I know this diary has been neglected since October, as usual my excuse is that I've been insanely busy. However, it's now another year so I'm going to make a resolution to try and keep to my weekly verbiage, even if I don't include pics every day

Today was spent mostly climbing audio stairs

Happy Birthday...

...to Sonic Nick, our favorite podcast host. So favorite that here's a link: http://www.sonicstate.com/sonictalk

Caught out?

Following a fruitful session with the Artist today, I was pedalling home when I happened upon the oddest scene. It looked very much like Les and Jul may have fallen out. Why, I wouldn't like to speculate.


Tea break

While Dave succumbs to the spending urge, I take a trip to England's most beautiful city for a consultation that confirms our child is on the road to recovery. A great weight is lifted.