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..we're not at NAMM because we've got a lot to do here and while we'd love a sun fix, given the time it takes to recover from the obligatory post NAMM flu (bless those airplane filters) we decided to stay put and keep working. 


...To answer the emails asking why we're not at NAMM?


...and a Happy Birthday to our good friend Andy. This is him posing with some Moog Modulars a few years ago.


 ..and it's get well soon to Chris while the world heads off to NAMM. 


...and needless to say that call never came so it's hurry up and wait time. Seriously, if you thought we were tardy you should deal with this person. He's turned the art of lateness into a career.


...and while we wait for the phone call about something French, the cutting up of wine glasses continues.

Friday the 13th

...and yet the bad luck I witnessed last night was when a friend came out of the cinema to find his bike had been stolen.

The theives are everywhere




..and one of those days where no real work gets done in favour of email tennis.

The phone rings and there goes another hour and before you know it the clock on the puter taunts with 16:44 and you try to put the wheels back on the day before it ends.


...we talk about the best way to take things from an embryonic stage and move them to completion. So many ideas and so much to achieve. Chris leaves and I get a buzz on and, before I know it, it's time for the Sonicstate podcast.


...and we just posted an interview with Ryan O Neal from Sleeping At Last in our Artists Section. A very gifted individual whose music brought some calm to the mayhem here last year.