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 ..and a Happy Birthday to my Mum.

Elsewhere, we're smoking. I saw something super exciting from Chris, Jon was bug squashing like a demon and I was back in tuning mode with only four more categories to go. Momentum!



..and while were on the subject of DIY anyone who followed the old site diary will know about the drainage problems we face each month. Today the Adrian the drainman came to fix it all once and for all. I wonder if my arteries look like this


...and I was tempted to post this on the home page too as it's a genuine landmark. Jon has a floor in his room!..a real floor! I didn't belive him until I saw this pic but it seems genuine enough.


 ....and my podcast comments about certain modular manufacturers seem to have created some waves but that didn't stop us looking at an EMS AKS and wishing we could afford it. But on reflection I think I'd prefer a dotcom and to try and do something melodic and sublimely sequenced.


 ...and Chris heads up north for an exciting rendevous. I remain back here in the land of tuning and teaking, edging closer towards the end of a task. The call from Kent provides some relief and between us we put the world to rights. Jon became an uncle again so all in the world seems well


 ...and ths one goes out to Koshdukai who I'm told made reference to this diary today on the Sonicstate podcast......which rocks

Friday - Sunday

Some things are over engineered to the point to absurdity whle others are over engineered to the point of beauty. I'd settle for elegance every day of the week (and the weekend) 


 ..and some more progress takes place in the cold while Chris holds the fort and gets on with some 'real work'



...and I'm immersed in a long project where the second stage is coming to completion. This stage has been dragging on and on but now some progress is starting to happen.

Sometimes I think we're 'too vintage' for our own good


 ..shit cars on the talk agenda today. This bodywork reminds me of something