One Sound Design Trick with Boudicca’s Bass Service

June 2, 2024
by GForce Software

Boudicca’s Bass Service is a Bristol-based artist and musician. She is part of the GForce Software team and helps them bring their instruments to you.

Boudicca’s Bass Service, who contributed to impOSCar3‘s sound design, kindly agreed to answer a few questions.

Do you have any tips for getting great-sounding patches?

I like to start from the init patch and just play around really. When I get something I like the sound of, I look at it more technically, but to begin with I always like just trying things out. Let the sound steer you instead of the other-way around.

Which of your impOSCar3 patches do you consider your personal favourite?

Sunshine Arpeggios’ is my favourite. I like the wobbly background delays, and I think it’s the most evocative of mine, like the hot sun on your skin(or so I hope). I’m also pleased with the sounds that come out when adjusting the macros – some nice wide soundscapey FX.

Sunshine Arpeggios

Is there anything, in particular, you liked about impOSCar3?

I love the spread feature. I think the space you can create in modern productions is a real joy of this era, and the sounds of impOSCar3 really lend themselves to this role in a song. To me it’s one of the perks of bringing vintage synths to software. 

My favourite synth is the Korg Volca Keys. It’s the first synth I got, and I find myself always going back to it. I love having a quick synth jam and the volcas are perfectly immediate to get something good going almost instantly. I find it to be very versatile, and simply very fun!

Where can readers find out more about you?