The 1978 Oberheim OB-1 – An Underrated Enigma

July 2, 2024
by GForce Software

We are excited to announce a mini-documentary about the 1978 Oberheim OB-1.

It’s incredible that the Oberheim OB-1 has remained under the radar for so long. The Oberheim OB-1 holds a special place in the history of synthesisers. Launched in 1978, it was the world’s first programmable monophonic synthesiser. Designed by Tom Oberheim and his team, this revolutionary instrument brought the power of preset memory to the world of analogue synthesis, allowing musicians to easily store and recall their unique sounds.

Despite its groundbreaking features and historical significance, the OB-1 has remained somewhat under the radar compared to other classic synthesisers like the Minimoog. However, those who have experienced its capabilities know that the OB-1 is a true gem. This instrument delivers a sound as beefy and robust as the legendary Minimoog, yet it can get as aggressive as the MS20. It strikes a perfect balance, sitting sonically between these two icons.

In a superbly crafted documentary produced and narrated by the esteemed Dave Spiers, the history and uniqueness of the Oberheim OB-1 are brought to life in a way that is both enlightening and deeply engaging.