macOS update – 10th November 2020

November 5, 2020
by GForce Software

With the Apple event on the 10th November, 2020 likely to announce Big Sur, their latest macOS, now is a pertinent time to talk about our instrument compatibility.

To ensure you can continue to work with your musical tools unimpeded, we firmly recommend that you DO NOT UPGRADE to macOS Big Sur until you have confirmed that all your tools, including your DAW, plug-in instruments and effects, are fully compatible with the latest macOS, Big Sur.

Here at GForce, we have tested our instruments in pre-release versions of Big Sur with mixed results. Minimonsta and Oddity2 are not yet compatible and work to update these instruments will be a major engineering undertaking.

Given this, we are working toward compatibility with future Apple silicon machines updating Minimonsta and Oddity2 with additional features and, perhaps crucially, larger user interfaces. Given the weight of change, this is likely to take a long time.

Having recently updated both M-Tron Pro and VSM, impOSCar2 ensuring their compatibility with Big Sur was reasonably straightforward requiring new standalone versions and installers. If you have the latest version of these installed, they will work seamlessly with Big Sur. If not, provided you have a registered copy in your account, you can download the installers here.

Please remember, if your DAW does not work with Big Sur, it follows that M-Tron Pro and VSM will not be accessible either.

Check compatibility with Big Sur, then check and check again before upgrading.

Thank you.