M-Tron Pro V3: New UI

April 26, 2019
by GForce Software

Following the recent release of M-Tron Pro V3 and reacting to customer requests, M-Tron Pro now has a fourth ‘Tiny’ UI option.

At just 800 x 425 pixels in size, the Tiny UI fits on all monitor screens or can be used by those wishing to maximise available screen real-estate. 

Released at the same time as M-Tron Pro V3, the ChamberTron Xtras expansion pack contains four sublime Tape Banks; Hawaiian Guitar, 4 Saxes, Marimba & Pizzicato Violins along with a batch of newly crafted Patches. 

Both M-Tron Pro V3.0.2 and ChamberTron Xtras can be freely downloaded via user accounts.