M-Tron Pro Complete

Installing Expansion Packs in M-Tron Pro IV

November 21, 2023
by Graeme Rawson

M-Tron Pro IV

In M-Tron Pro IV we’ve made installing expansion packs easier. With the release of Dust-O-Tron, the first exclusive M-Tron Pro IV pack, it is important to adopt the new important method for correct installation. The old ways no longer work around here.

Firstly, make sure you’re running M-Tron Pro IV v1.0.2 or newer. You can find the version number of your M-Tron Pro IV in the settings window on the instrument. You can download a new version from your account if you need to.

Now for the import process itself:

  1. Run M-Tron Pro IV and open the Patch Browser.
  2. Click on the folder icon to view the Collection Management Screen.
  3. Click the import button.
  4. Find and select the *.cpt2 file from the downloaded expansion pack folder and click Open.

The Expansion Pack patches will be imported into your patch browser as a new collection, the new tape banks will be added to the layer browsers, and the .cpt2 will be copied to your library folder on your system.