GForce Software Ltd. introduce VSM IV (Virtual String Machine 4)

March 19, 2024
by GForce Software

London, 19.03.24 – GForce Software are delighted to present VSM IV, the fourth iteration of the organic and characterful-sounding Virtual String Machine. VSM IV is an intuitive yet highly powerful string machine synthesiser that’s the perfect solution for creating the sound bed of your next track. 

It contains a wealth of sounds from 46 classic and rare machines. Those sounds can be combined using two layers, allowing for a unique fusion of instruments made exclusively possible by VSM. It comes with 1900+ presets, including 200+ new patches and over 11.5 GB of data, enabling you to craft your own unique synthetic strings.

What’s new in VSM IV?

VSM IV replaces VSM3 and introduces new features that elevate the user experience and expand your creative possibilities. 

VSM IV has a fully scalable UI. The new powerful Patch and Instrument Browsers empower effortless navigation through the extensive library of more than 1900 patches, ensuring quick access to the perfect sound. Take advantage of new functions like Undo, Redo, Copy, and Paste, ensuring seamless editing and flexible experimentation.

Experience authentic ageing with the new Wow and Flutter features, augmenting the organic imperfections that give these vintage instruments their unique charm. Introducing an alternative state-variable filter and ensemble effect, new LFO shaping possibilities, a chorus, and a matrix reverb adds further depth and character to your sound. The expanded Poly Aftertouch and Velocity controls offer enhanced playability and expressiveness. 

With these remarkable new features, VSM IV empowers you to create the perfect sound bed for your next track.

Craft hybrid sound beds

VSM IV contains a wealth of sounds from 46 classic and rare machines. These range from the first commercial string ensembles (Eminent® 310 & Freeman® String Symphonizer) to the highly lauded Solina®, Elka® Rhapsody, Logan® String Melody, Korg® PE2000 and many more.

With the sheer amount of instruments captured within the VSM, it’s simplicity itself to recreate those golden string machine tones from yesteryear. However, with the VSM’s comprehensive yet intuitive feature set, plus a two-layer option, it’s now possible to craft your own hybrid patches, taking these sublime vintage tones into hitherto uncharted territory.

We have invited Scanner, Polydata, Lightbath and Noyzelab to craft unique presets alongside Dave Spiers, Chris Macleod, Graeme Rawson and Tom Wolfe.

VSM – The Go-To String Machine Instrument.

VSM IV – key features

  • The Sounds from 46 Classic and Rare String Machines
  • Dual layer and split keyboard operation
  • [New] 1900+ Patches including 100+ New Patches
  • Over 11.5Gb of data
  • [New] Fully-scalable UI
  • [New] Powerful Patch and Instrument Browsers
  • [New] Aging (Wow and Flutter) instability control
  • [New] Additional state-variable filter
  • [New] Three Band Equaliser
  • [New] Chorus effect
  • [New] Additional ensemble effect
  • [New] Matrix Reverb effect
  • [New] Individual FX locks
  • [New] Undo, Redo, Copy and Paste
  • [New] LFO shaping and destinations (Pitch, Filter, Pan, Level)
  • [New] Expanded Poly Aftertouch and Velocity controls for extra playability
  • [New] Poly Pitchbend
  • VSM4 is compatible with VSM3 presets.
  • Vintage style Ensemble & Phaser effects
  • Lowpass, Bandpass & Highpass Resonant Filter Section
  • 49-note range, each note individually sampled & looped
  • Programmable MIDI CC response via MIDI Learn

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