Oberheim SEM

GForce Software Ltd. announces Oberheim SEM v1.6 – with a complete GUI overhauled

September 28, 2023
by GForce Software

London, 28.09.23 – GForce Software is delighted to announce Oberheim SEM v1.6, a complete GUI overhaul of the officially endorsed emulation of the legendary monophonic synth. The update is free for registered users and available immediately. And it still sounds as fat as the original.

Gforce’s Oberheim SEM was originally released to coincide with Tom Oberheim’s birthday in July last year on the back of the multi-award-winning and officially endorsed Oberheim OB-E release a few months earlier. GForce’s SEM got several awards for itself and was updated with our new powerful and intuitive browser early this year. Now, the new graphic interface significantly improves the experience and feeling that you have a real Oberheim SEM right in front of you.

The OBERHEIM SEM – A simple monophonic synth with a massive sound

When Tom Oberheim created the first Oberheim® Synthesizer Expander Module (model SEM-1) in 1974, he had one goal – to make a synth that sounded great, whilst being extremely simple to use. In the decades since the release of this iconic synth, it’s been used by countless legendary musicians, making the SEM one of the most revered synthesizers of all time.

As well as painstakingly recreating the huge, unmistakable sound of the SEM, the GForce Oberheim SEM also recreates the ethos of the original – a simple monophonic synth that allows you to shape incredible sounds in an instant. And with Tom Oberheim’s seal of approval, you can be confident in its authenticity. Add to this more than 400+ categorized patches, and inspiration is just moments away.

Oberheim SEM – key features

  • [New] Overhauled  graphical user interface
  • Officially endorsed by Oberheim
  • Truly authentic monophonic SEM experience and sound – small package, big sound!
  • The most playable SEM, full of character, and augmented with a 3rd VCO
  • 400+ factory Patches designed to fit in a mix.
  • Librarian for easy access to the presets
  • Sequencer, Arpeggiator, Stereo Delay, Reverb
  • Undo/Redo, Extended and Flip mode
  • SEM presets can be exported to and imported from OB-E

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