Instrument Quotes

Artist feedback on our instruments

Luke Slater


"Oddity, ImpOscar!!!! Absolutely right on! So far we've used the Oddity in particular on every track I've done. Thanks for being original."

Luke Slater

Billy Currie - impOSCar


"The impOSCar is the most exciting synth in my set up. It has a unique sound and the Overdrive was quite literally MADE for me. Come On England."


Billy Currie (Ultravox)

Ashley Slater - Oddity


"I couldn't live without my Oddity and I could bang on about how brilliant the filters are ( I love the way they close at the end of a note) and other boring shit, but the truth is it sounds fat and mental and i love it."

Ashley Slater (Big Lounge, Freakpower, FatBoy Slim)

Yorkie - Oddity


"As esoteric and unique as the original classic, extra features to die for, and total 100% patch recall (now there's something new for an Odyssey)"

Yorkie (Producer & Artist)

Music Mart Magazine - impOSCar

"It's powerful, really powerful and delivers faultlessly. Like it's stable mate, the Oddity, the results are outstanding and leave you with the feeling you've just eaten the best 7 course meal of your life, satisfied.

And with a retail price of around £100 it becomes about the best VST Synth classic emulation I have seen."

Music Mart Magazine

Morris Hayes

"The GForce suite of plug-ins (Minimonsta, OSCar & Oddity) are fatter than a ten dollar pork chop! They are very usable in a wide variety of styles of music.

They're great in the studio or on the road in my Neko 64 virtual synth keyboard. They really do offer a real great taste, MORE filling sensation!"

Morris Hayes (Keyboardist for Prince & Maceo Parker)

Mark Kelly - M-Tron Pro


"M-Tron Pro is a fantastic update for a classic instrument, breathing new life into those classic sounds."

Mark Kelly (Marillion)

Bernard Sumner - VSM


"I was able to use it on the first track I tried it on - impressive considering I threw-up over the original instruments back in my drinking days."

Bernard Sumner (Joy Division, New Order, Electronic)

Dean Coleman - Oddity


"I love the sick sound designs you can do on the Oddity and the automation is super-tight within Logic. Definitely gets a lot of use from me!"

Dean Coleman (DJ, Remixer & Producer)

Yorkie - Minimonsta


"THE authentic sounds of the Minimoog, with added brainwarp factor 10 functionality. The ability to morph patches is an absolute delight."

Yorkie (Producer & Artist)