Instrument Quotes

Artist feedback on our instruments

Luke Slater


"Oddity, ImpOscar!!!! Absolutely right on! So far we've used the Oddity in particular on every track I've done. Thanks for being original."

Luke Slater

Will Gregory

If you love M-Tron Pro, (which I do) you are going to adore this. The sounds are every bit as characterful as the Melly, but generally far more refined, and therefore essential for creating more realistic ingredients to your sound mix.

I am using their string sounds in preference to modern sample libraries because they sound so much more characterful. If you use acoustic samples in your work then you need the Chamberlin sounds, and this is the best and most comprehensive way to access them.

Will Gregory (Goldfrapp)


Morris Hayes

"The GForce suite of plug-ins (Minimonsta, OSCar & Oddity) are fatter than a ten dollar pork chop! They are very usable in a wide variety of styles of music.

They're great in the studio or on the road in my Neko 64 virtual synth keyboard. They really do offer a real great taste, MORE filling sensation!"

Morris Hayes (Keyboardist for Prince & Maceo Parker)

Mikey Rowe


The M Tron Pro and it's expansion packs are completely believable and as authentic as they come. I've used these on many records and on tour  - I couldn't do without them in my arsenal of sounds'.

Mikey Rowe (Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds, Mick Jagger, Stevie Nicks, Sheryl Crow, Elli Ingram, Bill Fay, FSOL, Amorphous Androgynous, Nas).


Roger King - The Streetly Tapes Vol 2 for M-Tron Pro

MTron Pro has been a staple in the Hackett sonic diet for some time now, and is all over Genesis Revisited II. With the addition of the Streetly Tapes 2 it's shouting "use me" with renewed vigour.


Roger King (

Sean Charles


"The Minimonsta, ImpOSCar and Oddity are my favorite go-to virtual synths - hands down. In the fast pace world of interactive music scoring and sound design for video games, you have endless creative possibilities with this killer suite of plug-ins. They are unequivocally the FATTEST sounding plug-ins and programmable beasts on the planet."

Sean Charles (Audio Director, Propaganda Games - A Buena Vista Games Studio)

Pascal Gabriel - Minimonsta


"A brilliant piece of kit. I use a Moog Voyager, and this sounds as good as if not better, it's fully automated, has mad LFO possibilities-and costs a lot less!"

Pascal Gabriel (Brian Ferry, Erasure)

James Meeker - VSM


"This afternoon I finally had the chance to sit down with my newly purchased VSM.

At first I thought there was something wrong, but then I realized the thudding sound I kept hearing was my jaw hitting the deck.

This is a truly marvelous instrument. Yes, instrument--not some trifling software synth consisting of code; but a living, breathing, snarling (and occasionally swirling, depending on the phaser settings) beast. The credibility of the VSM is such that you have done the world a service by preserving the soul of these wondrous, near extinct instruments. Wandering around the VSM\'s presets is akin to touring a colossal museum dedicated solely to cataloging string machines of ages past.

Amazing job. Truly. Your products are always top on my list of "go to" instruments. Just this afternoon I've already replaced the string parts on three songs with the VSM. Effortlessly I might add."


Steve Levine - VSM


"Got the VSM - BRILLIANT - finally got my OB8 strings and xpander sounds back!"

Steve Levine (Producer: Culture Club, China Crisis, Beach Boys, Reggae Philharmonic Orchestra)

Chris Cross - Minimonsta

"The Ultravox reunion tour was a technical dream and my department was very well covered by MiniMonsta and the fabulously chilling sound of the VSM Elka patches.

It was the closest you can get to time travel on a keyboard. With the added adventure of the digital kingdom. Many thanks to the digital wizards at Gforce Software."

Chris Cross (Bass and keyboard player for Ultravox)