Instrument Quotes

Artist feedback on our instruments

Yorkie - impOSCar


"My mainstay synth since it came out...GORGEOUS!"

Yorkie (Producer & Artist)

Keyboards Magazine Germany - impOSCar

"I'm impressed by impOSCar. Many sound creating features are far extended coherently. ImpOSCar is no common plug-in: distortions are part of its special sound...

The offered sounds are original: bass line sounds are way more brachial than with any other plug-in.

If you like digital FXs you got to put your hands on impOSCar... The wicked, high powered and harsh sounds make it so different to all other simulations of analogue gear."

Keyboards Magazine Germany

Stephen Lipson - M-Tron Pro

"I love it. It sounds really good."

Stephen Lipson (Producer/Songwriter: Annie Lennox, Rolling Stones, Grace Jones)

Geoff Downes - impOSCar


"Having been a member of the original Oscar owner's club in the mid-eighties (this was made up of assorted geriatrics, weirdos pot-heads!), I was very curious (and dubious) to see how this new damned elusive impOscar would measure up against its mentor.

You see, there was always that ONE sound that you could get out of the original Oscar and not from anything else which made it really quite special.

Well I can honestly say in comparison, after having worked with impOScar for some months now, the answer is simply: Better - and better. Very inspirational sounds, ease of operation, full polyphony, fatter-than-fat bass and many other very cool features make it without doubt one of the best software synths on the market in my opinion. And most importantly, you can still get that ONE sound that sounds like nothing else. In fact, you can get quite a few more than just one! Bloody brilliant - Get one. Now!"

Geoff Downes (Asia, Buggles & Yes)

-Xandy Barry - M-Tron Pro


Do yourself a favor and purchase the M-Tron Pro immediately. Incredibly simple and musical, right out of the box so easy to work with and it just sounds amazing. The painstaking attention to detail and convenience is mind blowing. A favorite instrument of ours here at WAX LTD - we can’t live without it!

-Xandy Barry - WAX LTD


Mikey Rowe


The M Tron Pro and it's expansion packs are completely believable and as authentic as they come. I've used these on many records and on tour  - I couldn't do without them in my arsenal of sounds'.

Mikey Rowe (Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds, Mick Jagger, Stevie Nicks, Sheryl Crow, Elli Ingram, Bill Fay, FSOL, Amorphous Androgynous, Nas).


Fraser T Smith


"I use the Oddity for effects so it usually comes in at the end of the songwriting process. There's a fantastic preset called Kamikaze which I use for builds etc.

Then I use the impOSCar for some dancey stuff, MIDI sync'd arpeggiation and stuff like that."

Fraser T Smith (Craig David, Plan B, Mutya, Kano)

John Foxx


"From the moment this thing opened it had the sound - all the edge, aggression, shape shifting, traumatic, electronic, miasmatic, destructive, inter-dimensional presence of an Odyssey at its peak. Power, disgrace and cruel, supple beauty. A stupendous ingenious feat of digital programming architecture.

Lots of assets, agents and extras - and true meaty fx for more sonic mutation of the right kind.

A proper instrument. You can ride it like a tidal wave. With confidence. Now these things have become antiques, you'd have to remortgage to assemble the vintage gear to reproduce this sound from its original sources - valve amp, analogue flanger, Space Echo, etc. Then there's ongoing maintenance.

Here it is in transferable digits. Immoral and surreal, like downloading 1979, but less of a liability."

John Foxx (Electronic Music pioneer)

Future Music - impOSCar

"The result is an extremely powerful soft-synth - one of the most powerful, honestly, that I've ever come across. A brilliantly designed great-sounding virtual OSCar and ASG for a hundred quid. Buy it today." PLATINUM AWARD

Future Music Magazine

Sandy Vee - impOSCar


"I immediatly felt in love with impOSCar for its unique sound.

For my productions, it's a very versatile synth. I can use it to make a big and fat bassline, for beautifull large pads, or even moving arppegiators. Build a bass sound using the two oscillator in saw, and you will have the most fat bass sound ever.

ImpOSCar is easy and intuitive to program and all the parameters are on the GUI. The filter section is superb, warm and smooth. Close your eyes, and you won't believe its a software synth!

Today, there's a lot of VSTs on the market, but GForce gives us something that sounds unique and different with their reproduction of this classic and legendary british synth."

Sandy Vee (Producer, Remixer, DJ)