Instrument Quotes

Artist feedback on our instruments

Bernard Sumner - VSM


"I was able to use it on the first track I tried it on - impressive considering I threw-up over the original instruments back in my drinking days."

Bernard Sumner (Joy Division, New Order, Electronic)

Tara Busch - The Streetly Tapes Vol 2 for M-Tron Pro

"The forward thinking beauty of the M Tron Pro never ceases to please and offer incomparable flexibility & splendid sounds, both in the studio and live environment...and The Streetly Tapes Vol. 2 is as inspiring as ever! At your disposal are sounds ranging from beloved classics to the completely unexpected, offering great creative in congruency & the ability to create super-unique sounds never expected from a 'tron."

Tara Busch (


Charles Nieland of Super Buddha - Minimonsta


"G Force's Minimonsta plug in does a dead on Minimoog impression. It's makes everything from killer bass sounds for dance beats to fab emulations of vintage '70s synth lead sounds. Of course, in addition to the traditional Minimoog controls, there are great LFO and trademark G Force Morphing sections. The interface is fast and easy to automate. Essential for any DAW."

Charles Nieland - Super Buddha (Producer: Debbie Harry, Rufus Wainwright)

Robert Bell - impOSCar2

It's difficult to believe ImpOSCar2 is a virtual synth. And a versatile one at that: fat pads, you got them; crunching basses, you got them; and tons and tons of new presets mean fun for all the family.

I love having the ability to resize the plug in. Setting size to LARGE I can still see the ImpOSCar2 on my laptop from the other side of the room !

I salute those crazy scientists at Gforce. Good work, boys, really good work.

Robert Bell (The Blue Nile)

Klaus Shulze - Oddity


"Today I installed the Oddity... it's beautiful. And with the 24dB filters it sounds much better than the original! I really can recommend this synth."

Klaus Shulze

John Foxx - impOSCar


"Delicious. Really a new instrument based on that great warm, broad sound of the original. A welcome realisation of a great lost synth of the period.

(I remember a conversation with Paul Wiffen where he said the next stage of the Oscar was a poly version, but sadly, the company closed before this was realised).

So, the polyphony is finally here and is extremely useful. Some immaculately designed patches. Equally adept at groaning organic leads and delicate evolving soundscape pads. Everything from edible to visible to shredded.

I spent an entire day just playing with this one. Got quite lost in all its potential. Also managed to bank and record enough for the start of several new tracks. An inspiration."

John Foxx (Electronic Music pioneer)

Serge Pizzorno - VSM


"Bloody marvelous!"

Serge Pizzorno (Kasabian)

Carmen Rizzo - Minimonsta

"The Minimonsta does a great job of blending the classic analogue sound with todays modern technologies but does not compromise the sound. It can be deep and quick at the same time.

Whether I go to the great presets or dial something in, I'm always confident I will get something close to what I want and it has a very transparent sound.

It also never crashes and seems to be very consistent when I turn it on. I love how the effects works and will always lock to beat clock, and that it is very easy to use.

To be honest I probably use Minimonsta, the most. The thing is on every record I make!"

Carmen Rizzo (Coldplay, Seal)

John Foxx - Oddity


"The Oddity is beautifully realised. All the power, character, precision, intricacy, grunge and sonic extremes of the original - plus memories. (A real gift - I managed to lose so many good sounds- or record some that I then couldn't reproduce again).

It's also capable of doing things the original never could - basic things such as midi sync, right up to the sophisticated and beautiful morph facility.

As for what defined that original - scorching leads, the swoops down to unstable depths, plus an ability to make new sounds - from abstract to uncontrollable - this can do it all. Just as the original, it responds beautifully to echoes, reverbs, flanges and additional spatial effects, all of which open up new dimensions. Everything from precise early analogue to howling organic electrolife is here.

A great tool for any kind of sonic sculpture."

John Foxx (Electronic Music Pioneer)

Lee Groves - impOSCar2

"Fuck me, it's even more immense"

Lee Groves (The Ruts, Depeche Mode)