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Artist feedback on our instruments

Audio News Room Magazine - M-Tron Pro

"The M-Tron has been a must for any vintage sounds lover since it came out, years ago. Now with the M-Tron Pro they are taking the whole concept to a new level." SONIC JOY AWARD."

Audio News Room Magazine

Dean Coleman - Oddity


"I love the sick sound designs you can do on the Oddity and the automation is super-tight within Logic. Definitely gets a lot of use from me!"

Dean Coleman (DJ, Remixer & Producer)

Will Gregory - Minimonsta


"The ability to sculpt the sound using both hands makes the Minimonsta a real musical instrument, rather than just a programming tool."

Will Gregory (Goldfrapp)



Minimonsta and MTron Pro have been used daily in my studio for years. The colours, moods and deep sonics I can get from these plugs keep growing. Nice one GForce!

Mala (Digital Mystik)


Dave Brinkworth - OptiTron Expansion

"Can be fun & can get you into deep shit .... that's the thing about time machines, and that's what Ilove about the M-Tron Pro with the OptiTron Expansion know when you start to mess with it, you never know where you're going to end up."

Dave Brinkworth (Harmonic 33, Kula Shaker, Azymuth)

Music Mart Magazine - impOSCar

"It's powerful, really powerful and delivers faultlessly. Like it's stable mate, the Oddity, the results are outstanding and leave you with the feeling you've just eaten the best 7 course meal of your life, satisfied.

And with a retail price of around £100 it becomes about the best VST Synth classic emulation I have seen."

Music Mart Magazine

Recording Magazine - Minimonsta

"I've owned Minimoogs from the early '70s through the late '90s. Of all the emulations of that instrument I have experienced, Minimonsta is clearly the most authentic.

GForce has done its homework very well and produced a software synthesizer that is almost indistinguishable from the hardware synth it emulates. The modulation flexibility added by the LFO/XADSR matrix and the Melohman functions brings it to a new level in software synthesizer performance."

Recording Magazine

Rick Wakeman - Minimonsta


"There's simply nothing out there that comes close to this little beauty."

Rick Wakeman

Craig Anderton - Oddity


"This is an afficionado's plug-in.....a product for synth connoisseurs. It feels more like a labour of love than an attempt to rule the world of soft synths with a Great Big Commercial Hit; somebody put a lot of time into getting the details right."

Craig Anderton (EQ Magazine)

Luke Slater


"Oddity, ImpOscar!!!! Absolutely right on! So far we've used the Oddity in particular on every track I've done. Thanks for being original."

Luke Slater