Instrument Quotes

Artist feedback on our instruments

Steve Winwood - Minimonsta

"I closed my eyes and could not believe it was not the real thing."

Steve Winwood (Traffic, Spencer Davis, Solo Artist)

Naughty G - VSM


"Ken 'prof' Freeman has always been the Master of the Analog Strings Synthesizer. Unfortunately his creations, ephemeral by nature, all but disappeared when his own design gave up the ghost.

It is such a pleasure to find the original Ken Freeman String Machine sound as one of the presets of GForce's new VSM plugin.

Also totally amazing is its ability to layer two synth strings sounds, for a hybrid sound never heard before!

Add a powerful Phaser and - the essence of analog string synths - the detunable multi-voice Ensemble effect, as well as full-featured filtering, and you have the best String Machine synth ever made - the VSM."

Naughty G (Sascha, Trevor Horn & The Black Smoke Band)

Ryan O'Neil - impOSCar2

"What a beautiful instrument - another incredible job!"

Ryan O'Neal (Sleeping At Last) 

Charles Nieland of Super Buddha - Minimonsta


"G Force's Minimonsta plug in does a dead on Minimoog impression. It's makes everything from killer bass sounds for dance beats to fab emulations of vintage '70s synth lead sounds. Of course, in addition to the traditional Minimoog controls, there are great LFO and trademark G Force Morphing sections. The interface is fast and easy to automate. Essential for any DAW."

Charles Nieland - Super Buddha (Producer: Debbie Harry, Rufus Wainwright)

Chris Cross - Minimonsta

"The Ultravox reunion tour was a technical dream and my department was very well covered by MiniMonsta and the fabulously chilling sound of the VSM Elka patches.

It was the closest you can get to time travel on a keyboard. With the added adventure of the digital kingdom. Many thanks to the digital wizards at Gforce Software."

Chris Cross (Bass and keyboard player for Ultravox)

Ted Perlman - M-Tron Pro


"All I can say after using the M-Tron Pro for a few sessions is WOW!!!!!!!

What a great upgrade! It works perfectly in Nuendo, no patch memory or CPU issues. And the sounds - ALL killer!!! The remastered ones are absolutely brilliant, yet the originals are there if the user wants the "old sound". The loops have been edited wonderfully...I could go on and on.

This is an absolute GEM of a release, and most definitely should be considered a 'must have' instrument for ANY producer, arranger, musician, songwriters, etc.

Congratulations on a great release!!!"

Ted Perlman (Bob Dylan, Diana Ross, The Manhattans, Ringo, Joe Cocker)

Robert Bell - impOSCar2

It's difficult to believe ImpOSCar2 is a virtual synth. And a versatile one at that: fat pads, you got them; crunching basses, you got them; and tons and tons of new presets mean fun for all the family.

I love having the ability to resize the plug in. Setting size to LARGE I can still see the ImpOSCar2 on my laptop from the other side of the room !

I salute those crazy scientists at Gforce. Good work, boys, really good work.

Robert Bell (The Blue Nile)

Chris Bangs - Oddity


"When I need a plug with real bite I always go for Oddity first!"

Chris Bangs (Galliano, Boogie Tunes Records)

Steve Cobby - Minimonsta


"I've tried two moog modular emulators in the past and to say they compare poorly is a massive understatement. In fact I'd say that having had a good play with Darren Emerson's Moog Voyager last week, which did make me a tad moist and furnished my visage with a greenish hue of envy, that the Minimonsta is so good the urge to invest in one has dissipated completely!"

Steve Cobby (Fila Brazillia, The Cutler)

Billy Currie - VSM


"Receiving the VSM coincided nicely with the start of my new album and I was looking forward to it because I thought it was a great idea to have all these instruments together. I also felt like working with just the piano and string synth for coming up with ideas. Something I used to do in the past, especially when working with a band.

It was amazing to hear the Elka Rhapsody again and the Yamaha SS-30 but it is also good to hear all the other ones that are in there. I always loved the Oberheim sound so I have utilised the Xpander sounds.

The Solina was an instrument I didn't really get on with in the seventies, too silky, but interesting to go back to now!

I do admit though that I did not have a great relationship with the Yamaha SS-30 initially. Yamaha gave the gear to Ultravox in 1979-80 so I didn't say "No thanks". I must admit it does sound flipping brilliant in the VSM though - Nice One!"

Billy Currie (Ultravox)