Instrument Quotes

Artist feedback on our instruments

The Crystal Method


"Having both an OSCar and Odyssey in our studio we of were very excited to hear their virtual counterparts. We were blown away

Both are sonic beasts that truly represent the unique sound qualities of two of our favorite synths. These bad boys are all over the new album. Simply amazing!"

The Crystal Method

Eric Persing - impOSCar


"... man does it sound great! What struck me right off is that I hear a really musical analog vibe from the filters... quite rare with digital filters (as you well know)."

Eric Persing (Spectrasonics Head Honcho)

Morris Hayes

"The GForce suite of plug-ins (Minimonsta, OSCar & Oddity) are fatter than a ten dollar pork chop! They are very usable in a wide variety of styles of music.

They're great in the studio or on the road in my Neko 64 virtual synth keyboard. They really do offer a real great taste, MORE filling sensation!"

Morris Hayes (Keyboardist for Prince & Maceo Parker)

MusicTech Magazine - M-Tron Pro

"M-Tron Pro is a virtual instrument that is packed with character and boasts the most comprehensive set of Melly tape banks we've ever seen. If you like your sounds dark, dirty and lo-fi, then the M-Tron Pro is a must." CHOICE AWARD."

MusicTech Magazine

Will Gregory - Minimonsta


"The ability to sculpt the sound using both hands makes the Minimonsta a real musical instrument, rather than just a programming tool."

Will Gregory (Goldfrapp)

Yorkie - M-Tron Pro


"Having used the original M-Tron since it was released, my excitement over the M-Tron Pro was almost palpable.

The original sounds are all there, but the new sounds and new functionality are absolutely gobsmacking. This is one of the most essential bits of studio gear for anyone even remotely interested in the Mellotron."

Yorkie (Producer & Artist)

Caged Baby - Oddity


"I used the Oddity frequently on my new album and could create virtually any bass and lead line I wanted, the tweakability is amazing - genuine analogue sounds."

Caged Baby

David Gamson - impOSCar2

"I wrote an awesome song which I completely based around one of your impOSCar2 arpeggio patches...Don't ask for publishing!!"

David Gamson (Ke$ha, Scritti Politti)


Dean Coleman - Minimonsta


"I love the low end on the Minimonsta! And its flexibility. It ran great on my G4 and AMAZING on my MacPro."

Dean Coleman (DJ, Remixer & Producer)

John Foxx - Oddity


"The Oddity is beautifully realised. All the power, character, precision, intricacy, grunge and sonic extremes of the original - plus memories. (A real gift - I managed to lose so many good sounds- or record some that I then couldn't reproduce again).

It's also capable of doing things the original never could - basic things such as midi sync, right up to the sophisticated and beautiful morph facility.

As for what defined that original - scorching leads, the swoops down to unstable depths, plus an ability to make new sounds - from abstract to uncontrollable - this can do it all. Just as the original, it responds beautifully to echoes, reverbs, flanges and additional spatial effects, all of which open up new dimensions. Everything from precise early analogue to howling organic electrolife is here.

A great tool for any kind of sonic sculpture."

John Foxx (Electronic Music Pioneer)