Instrument Quotes

Artist feedback on our instruments

Gordon Reid - Oddity

"For a long time, I was not a fan of software synths, finding them less intuitive and less musical than their hardware brethren. However, my view is changing, and much of the credit or blame lies at GForce Software's door.

I like M-Tron, and the Oddity was the first software synth I used that combined an accurate representation of its inspiration, a good user interface and watertight operation.

With ImpOSCar, the company has gone still further and, now that everything works correctly, the additional benefits outweigh any reservations I might have had."

Gordon Reid (Sound On Sound Magazine)

Futurecut Productions


"We use Oddity and M-Tron almost every day on tracks including LDN / Knock-em Out - Lily Allen and Wannabe - Dizzee Rascal"

Futurecut Productions

Phil Hartnol - impOSCar


"I've been using the impOSCar for about a month now and feel it is one of the best soft synths on the market.

I own a hardware OSCar and am finding it hard to notice the difference between the two. The harmonic waveform section of the imposcar goes much further than the oscar and is much easier to control.

The functionality of the imposcar, ease of use and the ability to save makes it my soft synth of choice. I LOVE IT."

Phil Hartnol (Orbital)

Paul Godfrey - M-Tron Pro


"The M-Tron Pro is the first Virtual Instrument we have ever used on a Morcheeba record and once we started we couldn't stop, this plug sounds fantastic!

It blended brilliantly alongside our vintage hardware keyboards and delivered the psychedelic, majestic madness we had been searching for. Needless to say we now utilise it on everything!"

Paul Godfrey (Morcheeba)


George Duke - Oddity


"The Arp Odyssey was my first love in synths and the virtual simulation you have created not only brings back great memories but allows me to recreate that sound and feel authentically in my current tracks - very cool software and my hat goes off to you."

George Duke

Roger King - The Streetly Tapes Vol 2 for M-Tron Pro

MTron Pro has been a staple in the Hackett sonic diet for some time now, and is all over Genesis Revisited II. With the addition of the Streetly Tapes 2 it's shouting "use me" with renewed vigour.


Roger King (

Steve Winwood - Minimonsta

"I closed my eyes and could not believe it was not the real thing."

Steve Winwood (Traffic, Spencer Davis, Solo Artist)

Fraser T Smith


"I use the Oddity for effects so it usually comes in at the end of the songwriting process. There's a fantastic preset called Kamikaze which I use for builds etc.

Then I use the impOSCar for some dancey stuff, MIDI sync'd arpeggiation and stuff like that."

Fraser T Smith (Craig David, Plan B, Mutya, Kano)

Steve Levine - impOSCar


"The impOSCar will remind us all there was a British equivalent of the Minimoog! The impOSCar really extends on the original classic... the factory patches are really superb."

Steve Levine (Producer: Culture Club, China Crisis, Beach Boys, Reggae Philharmonic Orchestra)

Chris Joss - VSM


"These are the warmest pads I've heard on a virtual instrument!"

Chris Joss