Instrument Quotes

Artist feedback on our instruments

Russ Hughes - impOSCar2

"This really is a dirty little bugger, this synth."

Russ Hughes ( Editors Choice Award


Future Music Magazine - Minimonsta

"Purists and pioneers alike will love the Minimonsta - to build on a classic is no mean feat"

Future Music Magazine - Platinum Award

Yorkie - impOSCar


"My mainstay synth since it came out...GORGEOUS!"

Yorkie (Producer & Artist)



Minimonsta and MTron Pro have been used daily in my studio for years. The colours, moods and deep sonics I can get from these plugs keep growing. Nice one GForce!

Mala (Digital Mystik)


Trent Reznor

"I bought the Oddity and ImpOSCar a few months ago and couldn't believe how great they were."

Trent Reznor (Nine Inch Nails)

David Gamson - impOSCar2

"I wrote an awesome song which I completely based around one of your impOSCar2 arpeggio patches...Don't ask for publishing!!"

David Gamson (Ke$ha, Scritti Politti)


Sound On Sound Magazine - M-Tron Pro

"The M-Tron graduates to long trousers with this highly enjoyable, easy to use 'Pro' version of GForce's popular, well-loved Melly plug-in. Its dual-layer structure orders subtractive synthesis, effects, full MIDI control and a greatly expanded code library. Twice the fun!"

Sound On Sound Magazine

Gordon Reid - Oddity

"For a long time, I was not a fan of software synths, finding them less intuitive and less musical than their hardware brethren. However, my view is changing, and much of the credit or blame lies at GForce Software's door.

I like M-Tron, and the Oddity was the first software synth I used that combined an accurate representation of its inspiration, a good user interface and watertight operation.

With ImpOSCar, the company has gone still further and, now that everything works correctly, the additional benefits outweigh any reservations I might have had."

Gordon Reid (Sound On Sound Magazine)

Future Music Magazine - M-Tron Pro

"M-Tron Pro is bigger and better in every way, with an expanded sound set which sits comfortably into any production style or musical approach.

Most impressively, though, its new feature set allows for ‘under the hood’ tweaking, bringing this retro sound set gently and warmly into the 21st century. Welcome a modern classic." PLATINUM AWARD."

Future Music Magazine

Paul Hartnol - impOSCar

"I love the impOSCar it captures the sound of the OSCar perfectly, which is one of my favourite mono synths. I have loads of soft synths but only a handful that I turn to on a regular basis, the imposcar being one of them.

Like the OSCar it is unique, nothing else sounds quite like it, but to have it with the addition of polyphony and all the other modern improvements that the impOSCar has is brilliant."

Paul Hartnol (Orbital & Solo Artist)