Odyssey to Oddity

July 5, 2010
by GForce Software

Some interesting Odyssey oddities!

Odyssey Advert 1980

A UK music store advert showing a MkIII Odyssey with PPC and proclaiming that none other than ‘Chick Cores’ uses this instrument The discounted ‘direct import’ price of £749 would be the equivalent of £2000 today. Depending on the Model Odyssey, if you were lucky enough to find a good one, be prepared to pay anything up to £1200. 

Original Odyssey Patches

The Oddity contains many of the classic Odyssey Patches that feature in both the Odyssey Manual and the fascinating book Learning Music With Synthesizers co-written by ARP Founders Alan R Pearlman and David Friend. 

Essential Odyssey

  • Herbie Hancock: Chameleon & Ready or Not
  • John Foxx: Metamatic
  • Jean Michel Jarre: Oxygene
  • Gary Numan: Music for Chameleons
  • Klaus Schultze: Picture Music
  • Kraftwerk: Autobahn
  • Ultravox: Vienna
  • George Duke & Chick Corea: misc solos
  • Tangerine Dream: Atem
  • Manfred Mann’s Earth Band: Blinded By The Light
  • BBC Radiophonic Workshop: Dr Who Theme Tune
  • ELO: Out Of The Blue
  • Joe Walsh: Life’s Been Good
  • The Human League: Love Action
  • REM: Undertow & Leave
  • Ohio Players: Gold
  • The Sweet: Fox On The Run
  • Elton John: Rocket Man & Funeral For A Friend
  • Conny Plank (Can, Eno & David Bowie)
  • Adrian Utley (Portishead)

Odyssey Oddity Receipt

Our Odyssey receipt from 1977. The total price of this instrument was $1440 inc discount and was bought from Ed Schaeffer – The Music Man Colorado. By comparison, the Oddity is a killer deal with a retail price of around 10% of the original.