M-Tron Pro blacklisted or not appearing in 64bit PC hosts

M-Tron Pro blacklisted or not appearing in 64bit PC hosts

August 21, 2019
by GForce Software

It is important to make sure that a 64bit host does not scan the 32bit VST. If it does, it will ignore the 64bit version, occasionally marking it as blacklisted.

The default install locations of M-Tron Pro are set up to minimise the chances of this happening, but each user can set up their VST folders in any number of ways, so there’s still a chance that this will happen to some.


Option A

Change your VST folder preferences in your host. Usually found under Preferences > VST or in a plugin manager. There will be a setting where you can add and remove folders that your host looks in for it’s plugins. If you’ve installed M-Tron Pro to default locations, remove:

  • C:\Program Files (x86)\VSTPlugIns
  • C:\Program Files\GForce

Option B

Do you need the 32bit VST? You can delete it by removing the file “M-Tron Pro.dll” found, by default, here:

  • C:\Program Files (x86)\VSTPlugIns

If you installed to a custom location you will have to run the uninstaller found in Add/Remove Programs. Then install the standalone again without the VST.


The standalone application has it’s own 32bit dll file that is installed in C:\Program Files\GForce\M-Tron Pro it is identical to the VST and will cause the same issues if it is scanned. There’s no other location for this file to be, so C:\Program Files\GForce must be excluded from your host’s scan.

If you have recently updated from M-Tron Pro v2.x to v3.x, it is possible to have different components of the two versions installed at the same time. This is caused by different VST locations being selected for v3 and v2.  This can cause crashes and blacklists, depending on what combinations of dlls you have on your system. In this case, please uninstall all versions of M-Tron Pro found in Add/Remove Programs and reinstall just version 3.