Isolation Choir

October 15, 2020
by GForce Software

The idea for the Isolation Choir came after a Sonic Talk episode during which two moments collided.

Firstly, we made mention of our 20th anniversary and how it felt disingenuous to make a big song and dance about it when the world was in the midst of the Covid-19 epidemic. The overriding feeling here at GForce Software HQ was rather than pat ourselves on the back, it was a time to try and give something back to those who’ve supported us over the years.

Secondly, and on the same Sonic Talk podcast, Jamie Lidell made mention that he’d created a sample pack called ‘isolation loops’. As part of this pack he’d recorded himself pitching a series of chromatic notes so that people could use them in a ‘tron’ type way.

But the question for us was, “What to do?”

The idea came immediately. Let’s create a set of choirs for M-Tron Pro and give them to our customers as a way of saying thank you.

Also, because Covid-19 affects the lungs, the notion of people singing out in unity and defiance seemed incredibly poignant.

The vast majority of the inclusions were contributed by artists & musicians in self-isolation, and who had the courage to bare their souls in the hope of benefiting others.

As library curator Dave Spiers says, “Sat self-isolating in my home studio, having had an initial dialogue with each contributor, as each vocal recording came in I focused on chopping and editing the individual notes, tweaking and pitch shifting where necessary… but also being careful not to iron the character out of their contributions. It was only after I’d completed a set and put them into M-Tron Pro did the impact of these lone and self-isolating voices hit me. It was hugely emotional.”

We think the results of such a first rate bunch of friends and artists are genuinely moving. Plus, in keeping with the original ‘Tron being the world’s first sample replay instrument, many of the recordings were made with whatever was close to hand – be that a simple phone microphone or a more elaborate studio set-up.

Final words come from ace contributor, Angie Pollock, who, on hearing the Isolation Choir in use, commented “I can’t quite explain the feeling when I listened to what we had made, but it was a very magical & emotional moment in a horrendous cloud – everything stopped for something beautiful, which is what we all need !”

Thank you for your continued support. We sincerely hope you and your loved ones emerge from this situation as unscathed as possible.

Stay safe – stay courageous – stay creative.

The Isolation Choir Expansion Pack for M-Tron Pro contains over 150 Patches from 20 tape banks including voices from; Alex Ball, Angie Pollock, Anna Kumble, Dave Spiers, Duncan Parsons, Jamie Lidell, Les Pressure, Maddie Jones, Matt Berry, Mike Rose, Nate Williams, Neil Rough, and Putte.

The Isolation Choir is freely available to registered M-Tron Pro users and can be downloaded vi a this link.