New Users Information

If you are new to virtual instruments and are not sure how to take advantage of them, or how to use them, hopefully this info will be useful to you.

What do GForce make?

We make software synthesizers that work within your computer. These are commonly known as Virtual Instruments.

What is a synthesizer?

It is likely that you will have come into contact with some form of toy keyboard that allows the generation of an electronic sound via its keys, instruments such as these are basic synthesizers. Equally, it is likely that you will have seen pop-stars standing behind banks of electronic keyboards, or synthesizers, on the television. 

What is a Virtual Instrument?

It is now common for the sound generation part of a synthesizer, the engine, to be created entirely within your computer. Any software program (or plug-in) generating sounds in this way is known as a software or Virtual Instrument. Another form of synthesizer.

Can I use it?

Yes you can. You can use our Virtual Instruments within your computer but you will need to ensure that a few basic computer requirements, or specifications, are met. 

What must I have?

It differs between Apple Macintosh and PC computers. 

  • Apple Computers - Our Virtual Instruments will work with your Apple computer provided the operating system is at least OS X 10.4 (Tiger), it has a minimum of 512MB of RAM and that the processor is at least a 1.25 GHz PowerMac G4.
  • PC Computers - Our Virtual Instruments will work with your PC provided the operating system is at least Windows XP, it has a minimum of 512MB of RAM and that the processor is at least an Intel Pentium IV 1GHz. You will also need a sound card that has an ASIO driver.

You will also need a set of speakers connected to your computer, or a set of headphones, so that you can hear the sounds our instruments produce. We also strongly recommend that you have a controller keyboard connected to your computer so that you can play the sounds created by our Virtual Instruments in a musical way, although this is not absolutely necessary as you can use your mouse to play individual notes. 

What happens when I buy an instrument?

When you buy one of our Virtual Instruments via our on-line shop, you will be sent an email that provides you with a link that allows you to download the instrument directly to your computer. The email also contains installation codes that are required when you install your Virtual Instrument on your computer.

Can I try before I buy?

We allow you to download and try demo versions of some of our Virtual Instruments.

When I run the installer I am confused because it asks me to install the versions I require. I don't know which versions I require.

You only need to install the Stand-alone version as this turns your computer into your synthesizer. All other plug-in versions require additional software for them to work.

If I need help, what do I do?

We have a dedicated support section on our web site. This includes 'frequently asked questions' sections for each Virtual Instrument we make and forms that allow you to contact us with your specific questions.

Frequently Asked Questions
Support Contact form

We pride ourselves on the levels and speed of support we provide freely as we realise how frustrating it can be be when trying to work with new software. If you require specific support or simply have a general enquiry please let use the forms provided and we will respond as quickly as possible.