VSM Keyboard

Customer Feedback

Customer feedback on this instrument:


"Bloody marvelous."

Serge Pizzorno (Kasabian)


"VSM is simply beautiful - detailed, accurate and very useful. All the classic instruments are here and all equally well performed. (Especially delighted to find my old Elka Rhapsody again, as well as the Solina). The lavish layering is simple, if you like it lush as Lynch.

All sounds are Accurately Artificial. Supplies all the proper synthetic spectrums of mood, through Delicate to Tingling, Creepy to Powerful. Martian Coctails to Noir Sexmelt. Deeply enjoyed the way the strings decay and attack can be surreally lengthened to create very subtle approaching and retreating horizons.

By the way, the phaser is a blinder - still have my vintage MXR and the SM version can shape similar harmonic curves. That cascade interaction between electron strings and phaser has always been absolutely essential.

So this is Retro Repro at its best - informed, sensitive, detailed, technologically extended - and best of all - a new, very useful electronic instrument in its own right."

John Foxx (Electronic Music pioneer)


"Receiving the VSM coincided nicely with the start of my new album and I was looking forward to it because I thought it was a great idea to have all these instruments together. I also felt like working with just the piano and string synth for coming up with ideas. Something I used to do in the past, especially when working with a band.

It was amazing to hear the Elka Rhapsody again and the Yamaha SS-30 but it is also good to hear all the other ones that are in there. I always loved the Oberheim sound so I have utilised the Xpander sounds.

The Solina was an instrument I didn't really get on with in the seventies, too silky, but interesting to go back to now!

I do admit though that I did not have a great relationship with the Yamaha SS-30 initially. Yamaha gave the gear to Ultravox in 1979-80 so I didn't say "No thanks". I must admit it does sound flipping brilliant in the VSM though - Nice One!"

Billy Currie (Ultravox)

"It sounds great, and is really flexible. and its great to be able to use it on the road or in sessions without having to lug all those heavy bastards around!"

James Ford (Producer (Klaxons, Arctic Monkeys) and one half of Simian Mobile Disco.)


"Bloody marvelous!"

Serge Pizzorno (Kasabian)

"I was able to use it on the first track I tried it on - impressive considering I threw-up over the original instruments back in my drinking days."

Bernard Sumner (Joy Division, New Order, Electronic)

"...its like being transported to to a room with all your favourite string sounds of yesteryear that you forgot or lost touch with."

Ian Broudie (The Lightning Seeds)


"Once again the GForce team have created a synth that produces warm analogue sounds in a very classy bit of software. The VSM is a superb addition to their roster and one that I'll be reaching for on a regular basis."

Alex Tepper (Futureshock)


"Vintage funk sounds?, Roy Ayers, Stevie, Zawinul? Nothing else comes close!"

Chris Bangs (Galliano, Boogie Tunes Records)


"As a producer who often uses string sounds it is very difficult to find samples that have their own identity. The GForce string machine, however, has exactly this.

At last I have a machine that has the capability to create the depth of this sound. The bottom end resonates, the mids can be warm and pulsating, and the top end both pure and piercing without sounding like a digital mess. There is also a unique eeriness about this machine.

All of the controllers, the filters etc are both subtle and effective, and add to the overall diversity of this machine. A true triumph in software."

Darius Keeler (Archive)