The Streetly Tapes Volume 2

Instrument Overview

According to the original creators, Streetly Electronics, the true sound of a ‘Melly’ is the combination of several factors.

Firstly, it’s the EMI tape, which they claim is the best tape formula in the world.

Secondly, Martin Smith of Streetly insists “The sound of a Melly is not the Master Tapes, it’s the sound from the recordings in IBC studios edited to Master Tapes, edited to Working Masters, edited to Protection Copies, edited to the actual tapes on your machine.”

Finally, and crucially, it’s both of these things played across a properly aligned tape-head and recorded via an instrument’s preamp.

So, with these ground rules in mind and under the skill and guidance of Martin and John Bradley, we are pleased to release the final volume in the Streetly musical expansion pack trilogy, The Streetly Tapes - Vol 3 Expansion Pack for M-Tron Pro.

As per the previous Vol 1 & Vol 2, all the sounds here were curated by Martin Smith from the Streetly archives and then recorded via the Skellotron, a bare bones M400 built to allow detailed adjustment of every component including the azimuth alignment of each tape-head. Once captured and cross referenced against an M4000 the sounds were sent to us at GForce for their conversion into the M-Tron Pro file format.

This selection was taken back to Streetly Electronics where John conducted A/B tests against their magnificent M4000 and only when Martin and John were satisfied was the set of tapes given to our patch designers for final patch creation.

The Streetly team. From the left; Martin Smith, John Bradley and Brian Soukal.


Legal Notice

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