Minimonsta Keyboard

Customer Feedback

Customer feedback on this instrument:


"There's simply nothing out there that comes close to this little beauty."

Rick Wakeman

"The GForce suite of plug-ins (Minimonsta, OSCar & Oddity) are fatter than a ten dollar pork chop! They are very usable in a wide variety of styles of music.

They're great in the studio or on the road in my Neko 64 virtual synth keyboard. They really do offer a real great taste, MORE filling sensation!"

Morris Hayes (Keyboardist for Prince & Maceo Parker)


"The Minimonsta, ImpOSCar and Oddity are my favorite go-to virtual synths - hands down. In the fast pace world of interactive music scoring and sound design for video games, you have endless creative possibilities with this killer suite of plug-ins. They are unequivocally the FATTEST sounding plug-ins and programmable beasts on the planet."

Sean Charles (Audio Director, Propaganda Games - A Buena Vista Games Studio)

"For me the Minimonsta is a wonderful time machine taking me back to playing with the Mahavishnu Orchestra or my group with Jeff Beck. But beyond that, with it's polyphony and 'Melohmagic' it outplays the Memorymoog, which was the foundation for my sound of Miami Vice. It's incredible."

Jan Hammer


"There's simply nothing out there that comes close to this little beauty."

Rick Wakeman


"I love the low end on the Minimonsta! And its flexibility. It ran great on my G4 and AMAZING on my MacPro."

Dean Coleman (DJ, Remixer & Producer)


"I've tried two moog modular emulators in the past and to say they compare poorly is a massive understatement. In fact I'd say that having had a good play with Darren Emerson's Moog Voyager last week, which did make me a tad moist and furnished my visage with a greenish hue of envy, that the Minimonsta is so good the urge to invest in one has dissipated completely!"

Steve Cobby (Fila Brazillia, The Cutler)

"Purists and pioneers alike will love the Minimonsta - to build on a classic is no mean feat"

Future Music Magazine - Platinum Award

"A fine emulation of the much-loved Minimoog, and, dare we say, an improvement on the original!"

Computer Music Magazine

"I've owned Minimoogs from the early '70s through the late '90s. Of all the emulations of that instrument I have experienced, Minimonsta is clearly the most authentic.

GForce has done its homework very well and produced a software synthesizer that is almost indistinguishable from the hardware synth it emulates. The modulation flexibility added by the LFO/XADSR matrix and the Melohman functions brings it to a new level in software synthesizer performance."

Recording Magazine