M-Tron Pro Keyboard

Customer Feedback

Customer feedback on this instrument:


"We use Oddity and M-Tron almost every day on tracks including LDN / Knock-em Out - Lily Allen and Wannabe - Dizzee Rascal"

Futurecut Productions


"Don't think this is simply a repackaging of original tron sounds! Yes, the classics are all there and tweaked to perfection in the comprehensive sound library, but the M-Tron Pro is much, much more.

By adding optional layering, filters, dynamics and effects this thoughtfully designed and intuitive instrument not only adds playability but also opens the door to a whole new sound palette while still remaining faithful to the Mellotron legend that we all love. And it's fun!

The M-Tron Pro is truly inspirational - I haven't felt this excited about a virtual instrument for a very long time"

David Hentschel (Producer/Engineer/Arranger/Musician: Genesis, Elton John, Missy Elliott etc.)

"For a long time, I was not a fan of software synths, finding them less intuitive and less musical than their hardware brethren. However, my view is changing, and much of the credit or blame lies at GForce Software's door.

I like M-Tron, and the Oddity was the first software synth I used that combined an accurate representation of its inspiration, a good user interface and watertight operation.

With ImpOSCar, the company has gone still further and, now that everything works correctly, the additional benefits outweigh any reservations I might have had."

Gordon Reid (Sound On Sound Magazine)

"M-Tron Pro is bigger and better in every way, with an expanded sound set which sits comfortably into any production style or musical approach.

Most impressively, though, its new feature set allows for ‘under the hood’ tweaking, bringing this retro sound set gently and warmly into the 21st century. Welcome a modern classic." PLATINUM AWARD."

Future Music Magazine

"There's little to fault here, and much to get excited about, making this a worthy successor to M-Tron. Great work GForce!" PERFORMANCE AWARD."

Computer Music Magazine


"The ability to layer sounds and create splits opens up a big world of creativity. The addition of modulation, multi filters and envelopes is also a big step forward in terms of creating totally new sound or just tweaking the classic sounds to fit better into an arrangement."

I Monster

"The M-Tron Pro is a vast improvement on the original M-Tron (which I loved)."

Terry Lawless (Keyboardist/Programmer: U2, Bruce Springsteen)

"I love it. It sounds really good."

Stephen Lipson (Producer/Songwriter: Annie Lennox, Rolling Stones, Grace Jones)


"All I can say after using the M-Tron Pro for a few sessions is WOW!!!!!!!

What a great upgrade! It works perfectly in Nuendo, no patch memory or CPU issues. And the sounds - ALL killer!!! The remastered ones are absolutely brilliant, yet the originals are there if the user wants the "old sound". The loops have been edited wonderfully...I could go on and on.

This is an absolute GEM of a release, and most definitely should be considered a 'must have' instrument for ANY producer, arranger, musician, songwriters, etc.

Congratulations on a great release!!!"

Ted Perlman (Bob Dylan, Diana Ross, The Manhattans, Ringo, Joe Cocker)


"M-Tron Pro is a fantastic update for a classic instrument, breathing new life into those classic sounds."

Mark Kelly (Marillion)