Oddity Keyboard

Odyssey to Oddity

Some interesting Odyssey oddities!

Odyssey Advert 1980

A UK music store advert showing a MkIII Odyssey with PPC and proclaiming that none other than ‘Chick Cores’ uses this instrument The discounted ‘direct import’ price of £749 would be the equivalent of £2000 today. Depending on the Model Odyssey, if you were lucky enough to find a good one, be prepared to pay anything up to £1200.

Original Odyssey Patches

The Oddity contains many of the classic Odyssey Patches that feature in both the Odyssey Manual and the fascinating book Learning Music With Synthesizers co-written by ARP Founders Alan R Pearlman and David Friend.

ARP Odyssey Video

Want to know more about how the Odyssey works? In the following video GForce's Dave Spiers attempts to talk you through some of its features.


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