We've noticed recently that there's a small mountain of legalese surrounding company website privacy policies. In fact, so much so, that there are now companies specialising in providing verbiage for anyone with a website.

We're already obliged to take care of your information by the Data Protection Act 1998 which strictly governs what we can and cannot do with your information. Again, it’s a complex document to wade through so how about we simply make a promise that's easy for all to understand?

We promise that we'll never give or sell your email address or any other information to any other individual, company or, worse still, spammers (seriously, does anyone ever buy stuff from spammers anyway?). We will also keep all your personal data safe and secure so that no one besides ourselves has access to it. We will also only use your information for the purpose in which you intended and hang on to it for no longer than is absolutely necessary.