Synth Archive

As you’d expect, we live and breathe vintage instruments and because of our long and varied work in the music industry we’ve been fortunate enough to come into contact with some truly amazing beasts which we continue to procure whenever finances permit. Money aside, the other criteria is that any instrument we acquire must have its own unique qualities and character.

For the dewy-eyed, it should be said that building an analogue synth collection doesn’t come without its drawbacks and several instruments have fallen by the wayside over the years. When you invest in an old instrument you become a custodian, taking on a responsibility to maintain it at all costs. With some parts becoming increasingly harder to source it’s one reason why we’ve taken some of our most treasured instruments and turned them into software.

It may be a painstaking process but it’s the only way we can be safe in the knowledge that we’ll be using those sounds within that operational architecture in several years time.

This section indexes some of our favourite instruments from our ever expanding collection. Click on the links to the left for more info.