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M-Tron Pro Expansion Pack Sale 50% OFF - 15.5.2019
The offer runs from Tuesday 30th April until Tuesday 14th May, 2019. To take advantage of this offer simply visit our webshop here.

Adrian Wagner 1952 - 2018 8.1.2019
We’re deeply saddened by the recent death of Electronic Dream Plant pioneer, Adrian Wagner. Today (2nd July 2018) marks Adrian’s funeral and our sincere condolences go out to Adrian’s family and our mutual friends Jeff Boult and Fred Gardner.

For those of you who’ve seen the Bright Sparks documentary, you’ll probably be aware that we originally asked Adrian to appear but sadly he wasn’t well enough. Instead we asked one of his oldest and closest friends (former EDP sales director), Fred Gardner, to appear on his behalf.

After completion of the documentary we sent Adrian an advance copy whereupon he kindly gave us the following quote: “It was a real thrill to meet some old friends in the way of people and machines.”

It was a real thrill, when back in the late 70s, us UK based teenagers, hungry for a slice of synth-action but unable to afford a synth from one of the more established companies, got our hands on the EDP Wasp for the first time. For a fraction under £200 we could buy a monophonic synth that sounded truly fantastic, and for many of us the Wasp provided our first foray into electronic soundscapes previously available only to the wealthy. For that alone, we remain eternally grateful.


(L - R. Fred Gardner, Adrian Wagner, Jeff Boult)
Image copyright: Jeff Boult.

Brian Drake - Tone Poems 2.7.2018
We’re almost as obsessed with visual arts as much as we are with synthesisers and old keyboards. Brian Drake’s Instagram feed provided food for thought after he’d tagged his use of Oddity 2 in one of his early ‘Tone Poems’.

An accomplished artist and musician, his cross-pollination of animation, video, paintings, coupled with a beautiful, spacious, musical, sound-field, immediately made us sit up, put the world on pause, and take notice. Read our full interview with Brian Drake here.

ReasonTalk Interview
Dave Spiers provides a fascinating insight into the history and inner workings of GForce Software in his recent interview with ReasonTalk.

Merry Christmas 8.1.2018
Thank you for your continued support in 2017, Seasons Greetings and all the VERY best for 2018. Good vibes to you all from the entire GForce team.

Klaus Hoffmann-Hoock 1951- 2017. 27.12.2017

Even though the sounds may have emanated from the same source, every 'tron tape has its own character. Some may be just plain cold while the gems are beautifully warm. We often think that the character of a 'tron tape reflects the character of its owner.

Today we’re sad to post news of the death of Klaus Hofmann-Hoock, a true gentleman and a dedicated aficionado of all things 'tron, and whose carefully curated and beautifully warm tapes have been part of the M-Tron & M-Tron Pro character since 2001.

RIP Count Trellomon von Bandstone.

Our deepest condolences go out to Klaus’ family and friends.

The Streetly Tapes - Vol 3 for M-Tron Pro. 1.2.2017
The final part of our Streetly Tapes trilogy is now released. As per the previous Vol 1 & Vol 2, all the sounds here were curated by Martin Smith from the Streetly archives and then recorded via the Skellotron, full details here.

Sounds: 15 Choir, Alto Sax, Bradley Orchestra 2, Celeste, Cello Viola Mix, Clarinet, Classic Strings, Fairlite Swanee, Female Choir, Hammond Organ, Hammond C3 Clean, Layered Choir, Mixed Brass B, MkII Brass, Moogy Whoosh, Muted Brass, Piano, Pump Organ, Sad Strings, Trumpet, Vibes No Vibrato, Violin, Watcher Mix, Wine Glass and Woodwind 2. Full details can be found here.

Bright Sparks - the album and documentary
While this isn't a GForce product, we're very proud of our contribution to the Bright Sparks Archive Project. Consisting of an enlightening documentary and amazing album the project aims to tell the human stories behind a group of synthesizers pioneers.

Full details can be found at Bright Sparks.

More Oddity2 action is in. Firstly MusicTech Magazine kindly bestowed the Best Analogue Classic Award in a recent Six Of The Best roundup here.

Secondly, Jerry Kovarsky’s Herbie Hancock Chameleon solo piece for Keyboard Magazine has hit the virtual shelves and uses Oddity2 as the sound source for what is a truly iconic synth solo. Check out the full piece here.

Finally, Failed Muso (aka Rob Puricelli) has now posted an in-depth Oddity2 review in which he claims “I’m willing to wager, if ARP were still in business today, and they had moved into the world of software synths, Oddity would be what they came up with.” Interestingly, MusicTech’s 10/10 review said “if ARP had carried on as a company, this is the synth it would have made now.” Read the full review here.

The Streetly SFX Console Expansion for M-Tron Pro
In collaboration with our friends at Streetly Electronics, we are delighted to bring you the original Mellotron® MKII SFX library in all its unique glory. 


For those of a certain age these sounds will be part of your psyche!

Additional information can be found here

Synthfest 2016 - 25.11.2016
We’re attending Synthfest in Sheffield on 1st October, teaming up with I Monster to publicise the Bright Sparks album and documentary.


We also decided that we’re going to do something a little different and instead of using it as an opportunity to flog our plug-ins, we’re going to do a show and tell of an iconic instrument. And we want you to decide whether that’s the Oberheim 8-Voice, Roland Jupiter-8, Yamaha CS-80 or the Sequential Circuits Prophet 10?

To let us know which one you’d like to see and hear in the flesh, vote here and we’ll bring it with us and give a couple of walkthroughs.

Finally, Dave is hosting a VIP roundtable at 1700 with some rather cool guests. We suspect the topic will be synthesisers.

Oddity2 15.12.2025

It seems Oddity2 continues to delight the synthasexuals.

Firstly, we hear that it is listed as one of the top 150 products of ALL TIME in MusicTech Magazine, which is quite an honour. Secondly, out friend Mathias in Germany pointed out that Oddity2 is on a list of the top 12 analogue emulations in Beat Magazine, where they praise the original sonic character of the Odyssey, the additional modulation possibilities, and the 1000 great and inspiring presets.

And talking of presets, we just heard that in the December issue of Keyboard Magazine, Jerry Kovarsky transcribes Herbie Hancock’s legendary Chameleon solo using Oddity2 for his ‘Art Of Synth Soloing’ column. Jerry told us “I edited the Chameleon lead a bit... found it a touch too bright, and didn't need to use the delay to simulate the reverb from the record. I also turned off the sync so I could play with the Osc2 tuning to do the "bend" tricks he does in the original recording.” Keep your eyes peeled.

Oddity2 - The Music Technology Review 

"Oddity2 is a triumph. It comes packed with many features over the original – we love the extra mod options and using it as an effect. But the best news comes by way of the Polyphonic mode, a feature that takes Oddity to new heights. You want a polyphonic Odyssey? I said, a POLYPHONIC ODYSSEY? You got it, and it’s great. And, really, I don’t need to say any more than that. So I won’t." MT

Another 10/10 review of Oddity2 and an Excellence Award to boot. Thank you Music Technology.

impOSCar2 - 50% OFF! (17.6.2015)
For just two weeks, we are offering impOSCar2 with 50% Off.
Priced at £58.33 (appox $89) the offer runs for a strictly limited period from: 
Tuesday 2nd June until Tuesday 16th June, 2015.


  • Additve and Subtractive synthesis
  • Mono, Duo, Poly and Mono & Poly Unison modes
  • Nine Filter Types with Drive, Cutoff, Q and Separation
  • Ring Modulator
  • Chord Memory with single note retrigger
  • Ring Modulator
  • 6 Portamento modes with Unison Glide voice spread
  • Note Pan modes
  • Programmable Velocity responses
  • Channel and Polyphonic Aftertouch
  • Arpeggiator
  • Instrument and effects versions
  • 1000+ Patch library

Oddity2 - NEW! (8.5.2015)

Oddity2 is the successor to the multi-award winning Oddity, modelled on the legendary ARP Odyssey synthesiser, manufactured between 1972 and 1981.


Full details can be found here.

VSM Expansion Pack

Containing 18 new instruments, 60 sample sets, including the iconic GX-1, Polymoog Vox Humana & ARP Quadra and over 400 new patches, the VSM Expansion Pack offers fresh inspiration by extending the colossal range of sublime tones now available to registered VSM owners.

Full product details can be found here.

*You must be a registered VSM user to have access to the VSM Expansion Pack.

Happy New Year (12.2.2015)

2014 was an incredible year for us in so many ways. Without the support our customers and friends have given us none of it would have been possible. We'd like to extend our heartfelt thanks to all of you and wish you 'health, wealth and happiness' in 2015.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year (6.1.2015)

2014 has been an incredible year for us in so many ways. Without the support our customers and friends have given us none of it would have been possible. We'd like to extend our heartfelt thanks to all of you and wish you 'health, wealth and happiness' for Christmas and into 2015.

Oddity2 - Updated

Firstly, a HUGE thank you to everyone who trusted us enough to deliver Oddity2 on December 1st. We've been overwhelmed by both the reaction to the pre-release offer and the messages of support and love for Oddity2, all of which made us decide to extend the special pricing until 31st December, 2014.

We've not been resting post-Oddity2 launch either and we're pleased to announce that both Mac and PC updates are now available. These fix a few bugs that came to light post-launch and can be downloaded from registered users' accounts once you've logged in.

 Axxe Winner

As promised, winners of the GForce Oddity2 pre-release competition were announced on December 1st, with musician Geoff Howse winning this fabulous ARP Axxe. We hope Geoff gets as much fun from the Axxe as we did prior to its presentation. Congratulations Geoff!


Norman Welstead, Jens Petersen, Luc Gulinck, David Watts and Yoshinori Kadoya won refunds and have been notified and refunded.

CAT class, CAT style! (22.12.2014)

We make no secret of the fact that analogue hardware is something of a way of life for us. As if proof were needed, Dave Spiers walks us through a fabulous synth that deserves to be appreciated as something special in its own right.  

Oddity2 Release (18.12.2014)

We've been overwhelmed by both the reaction to the pre-release deal and the messages of support for our new baby. To all those customers who ordered within this period we say a heartfelt THANK YOU. We're pleased to announce Oddity2 is now live and can be downloaded via My Instruments (you'll need to log in).

Also, as promised, we have the WINNERS of our pre-release competition to announce.

Firstly, big congratulations to GEOFF HOWSE, the winner of the ARP Axxe.

Secondly, the five winners of an Oddity2 refund are:
Norman Welstead
Jens Petersen
Luc Gulinck
David Watts
Yoshinori Kadoya

I Speak Machine (24.9.2014)

Occasionally, we've let an artist into the GForce Synth Lab to use our coveted collection of vintage and rare instruments but, despite regular requests, we've never been brave enough to allow them to be used for tours or live use. 

However, as fans of long time GForce software instrument users Tara Busch and Maf Lewis of “I SPEAK MACHINE”, the audio visual electronic collective that create science fiction movies with analogue synth drenched scores, we've made a rare exception. So for their one-off event of the live score and showing of the science fiction film “The Silence”, at the South Bank Centre on 21st Sept, we're letting some instruments out of the fold and on to the stage.

We’ll be there, so come and join us and see these analogue beauties live on stage. For more details on this event keep your eye on Tara's website over the next month as she talks about wrestling these instruments into submission.

Full House! (28.8.2014)

We're pleased to announce that 32/64-bit versions of Minimonsta and Oddity are finally released and now sit proudly alongside the previously launched 32/64-bit impOSCar2, VSM and M-Tron Pro.

Registered users of these instruments will find the new versions already allocated to their user accounts, while any new purchasers will have the 32/64-bit versions automatically allocated to their account following purchase.

Demo versions of Minimonsta, Oddity & impOSCar2 have also been updated accordingly and can be downloaded via their respective instrument sections.

Thank you for your patience during the lengthy 64-bit development process and last, but certainly not least, to those who helped us during this epic development task!

50 Year Celebration

With a bloodline running back to the very first 'trons ever produced, our great friends at UK based Streetly Electronics hold a unique place in the history of electronic musical instruments. Still producing the remarkable M4000 it's our great pleasure to be joining them in a celebration of the 50th year since the birth of this wonderful instrument. Streetly, we salute you!

Merry Chrismas and happy New Year (14.1.2014)

To all those who've supported us this year, THANK YOU. Your custom is greatly appreciated. We'll have some exciting developments to share with you in the new year. Until then, have A Wonderful Christmas Time. 

Special Offer! (22.10.2013)

We don't do deals often but when we do they're definitely worth taking advantage of!  

For one week only we are reducing the price of all M-Tron Pro Expansion Packs in our webstore by 50%.

This offer is available to registered M-Tron Pro users and expires at the end of 22nd October, 2013.

impOSCar2 64-bit Release (10.9.2013)


After eighteen months of re-engineering, we're delighted to announce that a new impOSCar2 32/64-bit version now sits proudly alongside the previously released M-Tron Pro and VSM 32/64-bit versions

Registered impOSCar2 users will find the new version added to their user account here.

New purchasers will have the 32/64-bit version automatically allocated to their account following purchase.

Registered users of the original impOSCar can still upgrade to impOSCar2 at the preferential rate of £50 (plus VAT where applicable) until 25th August 2013 when the price to upgrade will increase significantly. 

The Streetly Tapes Vol 2 - NEW!

An essential add-on for all M-Tron Pro owners, the Streetly Tapes Vol 2 brings another set of sublime sounds from the masters of all things 'tron. 

Curated from the original Mellotron® tape archives, Volume 2 combines a mixture of rare gems and definitive versions of celebrated, legendary and renowned tones, designed to breathe life into your compositions 8 seconds at a time.

Full details here.

M-Tron Pro and VSM 64-bit Release

After a lengthy development process, new 32/64-bit versions of M-Tron Pro and VSM have been added to registered user accounts. Just log in and go to My Instruments.

To thank you for your patience during 64-bit development we have created a free expansion pack for each instrument as follows:

M-Tron Pro: Piano Bass2
A fabulous little free expansion pack for registered users with sounds from a rare, vintage bass instrument.

VSM: Philicorda
Fast becoming a highly sought after instrument the Philicorda integrates beautifully within VSM. And it's free for registered users!

Support for M-Tron ends (4.7.2013)

The release of M-Tron Pro 32/64-bit marks the end of support for the original M-Tron and registered users of this are advised to update to M-Tron Pro at the preferential price while this offer is still available. Full details here.

More 64-bit GForce instruments are scheduled for release soon.

The Streetly Tapes - 5 Star Review

We've been notified that the first review of The Streetly Tapes - Vol 1 has been published online. And we're extremely pleased that the review agrees with our sentiments about these wonderful sounds.

"The Streetly Tapes are currently the closest virtual equivalent you’ll get to plugging in a real M400, and serve as an excellent complement to the existing library. If you want to get that bit closer to Mellotronic authenticity, this is a must-have collection to add to your M-Tron Pro."

The full Sound On Sound review can be found here.

An Apology(17.6.2013)

Since early afternoon today, 4th June, we had to divert all available resources to fixing our website following a serious site crash. We understand the timing of this was dreadful and apologise for the inconvenience it obviously caused. 

We took the technical advice of one comic tweeter and "punched it in the epiglottis" which seemd to do the trick!

Thank you for your patience and continued support.


Analogue - a first love (4.6.2013)

We make no secret of the respect we have for the anologue pioneeers who opened up the synth arena before us, in fact we revere them. But it's important to understand that well engineered software has it's place alongside the mighty beasts of old, as we think, is shown in this video. 

If you like what you've heard here, and haven't tried impOSCar2 yet, a fully functioning demo version can be downloaded here.

Brilliant Ultravox

Long time users of GForce instruments Ultravox recently kicked off their latest 'Brilliant' tour. GForce's Dave Spiers popped backstage to have a chat with keyboard maestro Billy Currie and bassist Chris Cross about their use of our instruments on the tour. 

More than vintage?

Over the years many people have asked us, "Are you going to do anything besides vintage?"

The answer was revealed last year when we collaborated with iZotope on the ground-breaking instrument, Iris. You can read the story of Iris development and what part we played at Keyboard Magazine here.

Re-Tron Reviewed

"It's all beautifully implemented, and the sound oozes vibe and character."
Sound on Sound magazine, September 2012.


Following Propellerhead's official release of Rack Extensions for Reason, we are delighted to announce our first product, Re-Tron, in this exciting new format. Full details can be found here.

VSM 10.7 Lion Update

We have now re-engineered vast swathes of VSM to fix the Lion & Logic validation issue and this update has been allocated to the accounts of registered VSM users
in My Instruments.



Merry Tronmass! (21.1.2013)

We're off to enjoy a few days of excess and wish all our customers a VERY Happy Christmas and prosperous 2013.

Due to the holidays support will be very limited over the next week but normal service will be resumed once the hangovers are gone.

In the meanwhile we'll leave you with something created with M-Tron Pro and the OptiTron, ChamberTron and OrchTron expansion packs.


A good reason to open up. (26.9.2012)

Following Propellerhead's official release of Rack Extensions for Reason, we are delighted to announce our first product, Re-Tron, in this exciting new format. Full details can be found here.


Design - Delivery - Performance Event (12.7.2012)

We're out of the office contributing to a one day music-tech event in Sheffield, UK on 22nd May 2012, alongside our old colleague and drum legend Bill Bruford, and one of our favourite bands, I Monster.

We'll be taking along a few of our prized vintage synths and talking about both their history and their recreation in software form.

If your in the area and fancy coming along, full details can be found via Rough Draft Audio.

UK Public Holiday (10.7.2012)

To celebrate the Queen's Diamond Jubilee the 4th & 5th June have been decreed as public holidays here in the UK

While we're not ardent royalists we'd rather not get beheaded due to lack of participation. Therefore please note that between the 2nd and 6th of June we will be closed and non-urgent customer support will be between minimal and non-existent.

The Streetly Tapes Expansion Pack for M-Tron Pro  (22.5.2012)

Our first release in conjunction with the original and legendary UK 'Tron-masters, Streetly Electronics.

The Streetly Tapes - Vol 1 Expansion Pack for M-Tron Pro contains 24 tape banks curated from the original EMI tape-based 'Tron archive by John Bradley and Martin Smith and made available for the first time exclusively to M-Tron Pro users.

Transferred via the Mellotronics Skellotron, this unique expansion pack provides the last word in authenticity and is an essential add-on for the award winning M-Tron Pro, the definitive 'Tron-centric plug-in instrument.


impOSCar2 (22.12.2011)

The Future Music Magazine review is in and we're pleased to say our 100% record of Platinum Awards still stands. This same review bestows a Value Award and scores of 10/10 for Stability, Value For Money, Versatility and Sounds/Results.

The reviewer even went as far as to say "To-date this has to be one of the finest plug-in synths available. All the new features are massively welcome, but it's the sound of this plug-in that sets it apart. A must buy!"

Meanwhile in Germany, to compliment the previous Musotalk 5/5 award, the November edition of Beat also awards impOSCar2 maximum points and an Editor's Choice Award. Similarly, Amazona.de emailed to say that impOSCar2 went straight into their Software Synth Chart at Number 4

And on the subject of charts, Music Radar's 20-Best-VST-Plug-In-Synths-In-The-World features Oddity, Minimonsta and impOSCar2. In fact we're the only vintage emulation company in the chart.

All this, in addition to the Computer Music Performance Award and the Air Users Editors Choice Awards, seems to indicate that the work we put into this instrument is being appreciated. As Computer Music said "ImpOSCar2 has been a long time coming, but the wait has been so, so worth it".

Moog Foundation Winners (1.12.2011)

The Moog Foundation raffle is over and congratulations are in order for Thomas Erzberger and Damon Harris, the two lucky winners who receive a raft of GForce instruments and a super desirable impOSCar2 Controller from TDC.

ChamberTron for M-Tron Pro

We've been excited about ChamberTron Expansion Pack for M-Tron Pro for a considerable time as it's based around instruments that have become a personal passion of ours.


The ChamberTron Expansion Pack for M-Tron Pro is a lovingly prepared collection of highly prized tape-based sounds that emanate from our personal and extensive collection of Chamberlin® instruments. If you're not sure what a Chamberlin Instrument is, check out the video below and doff your cap to the genius, Harry Chamberlin, who started the entire tape replay instrument genre. This truly is a luxurious add-on pack
for M-Tron Pro.


Competition Time (4.11.2011)

We've teamed up with Touch Digital Controllers and The Bob Moog Foundation for a special one-off raffle where you could win one of each GForce instrument, plus that super desirable and ultra-luxe impOSCar2 Controller. For more info go to www.moogfoundation.org

On the subject of impOSCar2, the reviews are starting to come in. Computer Music magazine awarded it a fine 9/10 while in Germany, www.musotalk.de have posted a really detailed two-part video review and bestowing a maximum Five out of Five.

Our new website sees the long-awaited release of impOSCar2 PC versions (VST & Standalone) to compliment the already released Mac version. Far more than a simple make-over, this new site brings you a more elegant way of accessing information about our wares in addition to providing enhanced functionality for GForce Software account holders. Have a dig around the site and you'll find new and updated tutorial videos along with a series dedicated to the original instruments that have inspired us over the years.

In fact, one of these coincides with our latest release, the ChamberTron Expansion Pack for M-Tron Pro. We've been excited about this for a considerable time as it's based around instruments that have become a personal passion of ours.

 The ChamberTron Expansion Pack for M-Tron Pro is a lovingly prepared collection of highly prized tape-based sounds that emanate from our personal and extensive collection of Chamberlin® instruments. If you're not sure what a Chamberlin Instrument is, check out the video below and doff your cap to the genius, Harry Chamberlin, who started the entire tape replay instrument genre. This truly is a luxurious add-on pack
for M-Tron Pro.