February 2012

Strangely familiar

Something comes into focus that throws the job in hand into turmoil leaving a day feeling wasted. But the excitement of impending delivery alleviates the pain and therapy is close at hand.

Friday, Saturday, Sunday

Friday seems an age ago. Saturday was spent at the inaugural cycling event at the incredible new Olympic velodrome. A truly fantastic day. While Sunday brought a group of us together for a few hours of muddy fun. Saw something vintage, shiny and very, very cool. Delighted for Dave.


A pleasing day for us and the Streetly boys as the first review of The Streetly Tapes for M-Tron Pro receives 5/5 in the Sound on Sound. 


Photography, cars, accounts, sixty-four bits of support and too many interuptions. Feeling a little addled.



Dave hits me up with something previously unheard and inspirational then revises it to include the sound of something we love. Magic.


A day of thrashing aimlessly without any seemingly tangible reward until Dave mentioned a new synth purchse. That gave me the courage to tell him what I'd been up to. We do love our analogues.


...and I could have done with a few single malts today. Chris found something truly scary and I found myself being transported back to days of OMS and OS9. Horrible, unneccesary and for no discernible gain.


On the bright side, I may have finished my tuning tasks



..and am I the only person in the world who thinks the Muppets are irritating and well past their sell-by date?


 ..and a Happy Birthday to my Mum.

Elsewhere, we're smoking. I saw something super exciting from Chris, Jon was bug squashing like a demon and I was back in tuning mode with only four more categories to go. Momentum!



..and while were on the subject of DIY anyone who followed the old site diary will know about the drainage problems we face each month. Today the Adrian the drainman came to fix it all once and for all. I wonder if my arteries look like this