January 2012

Friday - Sunday

Some things are over engineered to the point to absurdity whle others are over engineered to the point of beauty. I'd settle for elegance every day of the week (and the weekend) 


 ..and some more progress takes place in the cold while Chris holds the fort and gets on with some 'real work'



...and I'm immersed in a long project where the second stage is coming to completion. This stage has been dragging on and on but now some progress is starting to happen.

Sometimes I think we're 'too vintage' for our own good


 ..shit cars on the talk agenda today. This bodywork reminds me of something


..we're not at NAMM because we've got a lot to do here and while we'd love a sun fix, given the time it takes to recover from the obligatory post NAMM flu (bless those airplane filters) we decided to stay put and keep working. 


...To answer the emails asking why we're not at NAMM?


...and a Happy Birthday to our good friend Andy. This is him posing with some Moog Modulars a few years ago.


 ..and it's get well soon to Chris while the world heads off to NAMM. 


...and needless to say that call never came so it's hurry up and wait time. Seriously, if you thought we were tardy you should deal with this person. He's turned the art of lateness into a career.


...and while we wait for the phone call about something French, the cutting up of wine glasses continues.