Instrument Quotes

Artist feedback on our instruments

Morris Hayes

"The GForce suite of plug-ins (Minimonsta, OSCar & Oddity) are fatter than a ten dollar pork chop! They are very usable in a wide variety of styles of music.

They're great in the studio or on the road in my Neko 64 virtual synth keyboard. They really do offer a real great taste, MORE filling sensation!"

Morris Hayes (Keyboardist for Prince & Maceo Parker)

Bernard Sumner - VSM


"I was able to use it on the first track I tried it on - impressive considering I threw-up over the original instruments back in my drinking days."

Bernard Sumner (Joy Division, New Order, Electronic)

Steve Levine - impOSCar


"The impOSCar will remind us all there was a British equivalent of the Minimoog! The impOSCar really extends on the original classic... the factory patches are really superb."

Steve Levine (Producer: Culture Club, China Crisis, Beach Boys, Reggae Philharmonic Orchestra)



It's immediately evident when playing a Gforce instrument that the creators of these plugins are in love with the hardware they emulate. Great sounds coupled with extremely faithful recreations of these classics make these must-haves in your collection. - Klayton


Gordon Reid - Oddity


Given that Odysseys are rare, expensive, unreliable, often have damaged faders, always have scratchy faders, often drift out of tune, and are always a nightmare to tune, I don't merely recommend that you try the Oddity. I very strongly recommend you try it.

Gordon Reid (Sound On Sound Magazine)


Futurecut Productions


"We use Oddity and M-Tron almost every day on tracks including LDN / Knock-em Out - Lily Allen and Wannabe - Dizzee Rascal"

Futurecut Productions

Mikey Rowe


The M Tron Pro and it's expansion packs are completely believable and as authentic as they come. I've used these on many records and on tour  - I couldn't do without them in my arsenal of sounds'.

Mikey Rowe (Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds, Mick Jagger, Stevie Nicks, Sheryl Crow, Elli Ingram, Bill Fay, FSOL, Amorphous Androgynous, Nas).


Andrew Schlesinger - Oddity


"Incredibly accurate great ARP sound, versatile programming possibilities, wonderful interface and fun to the max! A musically useful trip to retroland."

Andrew Schlesinger (Sound designer for Emu, Casio, Korg, Kurzweil, Roland, Novation, Kawai, Seer Systems and Alesis)

Mark Taylor - M-Tron Pro


The authentic accuracy of every sound re-created by the M-Tron Pro is mind boggling. From the classic choirs to the flutes of ‘Strawberry Fields’ this platform is unmistakably retro 'tron.

Mark Taylor (Simple Minds)


Mark Kelly - M-Tron Pro


"M-Tron Pro is a fantastic update for a classic instrument, breathing new life into those classic sounds."

Mark Kelly (Marillion)