Minimonsta and MTron Pro have been used daily in my studio for years. The colours, moods and deep sonics I can get from these plugs keep growing. Nice one GForce!

Mala (Digital Mystik)


Tim Blake - Minimonsta


"Using Minimonsta on stage and in the Studio at the moment!

Chris Cross - Minimonsta

"The Ultravox reunion tour was a technical dream and my department was very well covered by MiniMonsta and the fabulously chilling sound of the VSM Elka patches.

Charles Nieland of Super Buddha - Minimonsta


"G Force's Minimonsta plug in does a dead on Minimoog impression. It's makes everything from killer bass sounds for dance beats to fab emulations of vintage '70s synth lead sounds.

Yorkie - Minimonsta


"THE authentic sounds of the Minimoog, with added brainwarp factor 10 functionality. The ability to morph patches is an absolute delight."

Will Gregory - Minimonsta


"The ability to sculpt the sound using both hands makes the Minimonsta a real musical instrument, rather than just a programming tool."

Will Gregory (Goldfrapp)

Pascal Gabriel - Minimonsta


"A brilliant piece of kit. I use a Moog Voyager, and this sounds as good as if not better, it's fully automated, has mad LFO possibilities-and costs a lot less!"

Darius Keeler - Minimonsta


"I have owned a Minimoog for about 10 years, in which time it has become an important part of the Archive sound.

Carmen Rizzo - Minimonsta

"The Minimonsta does a great job of blending the classic analogue sound with todays modern technologies but does not compromise the sound. It can be deep and quick at the same time.

Marius De Vries - Minimonsta

"Responsive, realistic, utterly 3-dimensional..... does to the minimoog what the impOSCar did to the Oscar, and more.... another beautiful synthesizer from GForce. CONGRATULATIONS!"