It's immediately evident when playing a Gforce instrument that the creators of these plugins are in love with the hardware they emulate. Great sounds coupled with extremely faithful recreations of these classics make these must-haves in your collection. - Klayton


-Xandy Barry - M-Tron Pro


Do yourself a favor and purchase the M-Tron Pro immediately. Incredibly simple and musical, right out of the box so easy to work with and it just sounds amazing. The painstaking attention to detail and convenience is mind blowing. A favorite instrument of ours here at WAX LTD - we can’t live without it!

-Xandy Barry - WAX LTD


Mark Taylor - M-Tron Pro


The authentic accuracy of every sound re-created by the M-Tron Pro is mind boggling. From the classic choirs to the flutes of ‘Strawberry Fields’ this platform is unmistakably retro 'tron.

Mark Taylor (Simple Minds)


Mikey Rowe


The M Tron Pro and it's expansion packs are completely believable and as authentic as they come. I've used these on many records and on tour  - I couldn't do without them in my arsenal of sounds'.

Mikey Rowe (Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds, Mick Jagger, Stevie Nicks, Sheryl Crow, Elli Ingram, Bill Fay, FSOL, Amorphous Androgynous, Nas).


Roger King - The Streetly Tapes Vol 2 for M-Tron Pro

MTron Pro has been a staple in the Hackett sonic diet for some time now, and is all over Genesis Revisited II. With the addition of the Streetly Tapes 2 it's shouting "use me" with renewed vigour.


Roger King (www.hackettsongs.com

Colin Newman - The Streetly Tapes Vol 2 for M-Tron Pro

"This is the real deal. What is so refreshing and totally useful about GForce's M-Tron Pro is that they attempt to give us everything that anyone ever tried to load into a vintage Mellotron. You get the 'classics' but you get also get sounds no one expects should be associated with a machine dating from the 60's.



Minimonsta and MTron Pro have been used daily in my studio for years. The colours, moods and deep sonics I can get from these plugs keep growing. Nice one GForce!

Mala (Digital Mystik)


Paul Godfrey - M-Tron Pro


"The M-Tron Pro is the first Virtual Instrument we have ever used on a Morcheeba record and once we started we couldn't stop, this plug sounds fantastic!

Charles Nieland of Super Buddha - M-Tron Pro


"Not only does GForce's MTron Pro plug in top all the other Mellotron emulation options in sound quality, but its massive library kills.

Yorkie - M-Tron Pro


"Having used the original M-Tron since it was released, my excitement over the M-Tron Pro was almost palpable.