It's immediately evident when playing a Gforce instrument that the creators of these plugins are in love with the hardware they emulate. Great sounds coupled with extremely faithful recreations of these classics make these must-haves in your collection. - Klayton


Mark Taylor - impOSCar2


The versatility of Oscar2 is capable of adding infighting perfection to your tracks.

Mark Taylor (Simple Minds)

Russ Hughes - impOSCar2

"This really is a dirty little bugger, this synth."

Russ Hughes ( Editors Choice Award


Robert Bell - impOSCar2

It's difficult to believe ImpOSCar2 is a virtual synth. And a versatile one at that: fat pads, you got them; crunching basses, you got them; and tons and tons of new presets mean fun for all the family.

I love having the ability to resize the plug in. Setting size to LARGE I can still see the ImpOSCar2 on my laptop from the other side of the room !

Ryan O'Neil - impOSCar2

"What a beautiful instrument - another incredible job!"

Ryan O'Neal (Sleeping At Last) 

Lee Groves - impOSCar2

"Fuck me, it's even more immense"

Lee Groves (The Ruts, Depeche Mode) 

Sandy Vee - impOSCar2

"I was just crazy about ImpOSCar. But with ImpOSCar2, it’s the big next step in plug-ins."

Sandy Vee (Katy Perry, Rihanna)  

Mike Beck - impOSCar2

"impOSCar2 is like a cool beer on a hot day. Thank you for properly aging it. Well worth the wait, and then some."
Mike Beck 

David Gamson - impOSCar2

"I wrote an awesome song which I completely based around one of your impOSCar2 arpeggio patches...Don't ask for publishing!!"

David Gamson (Ke$ha, Scritti Politti)