Instrument Quotes

Artist feedback on our instruments

John Foxx


"From the moment this thing opened it had the sound - all the edge, aggression, shape shifting, traumatic, electronic, miasmatic, destructive, inter-dimensional presence of an Odyssey at its peak. Power, disgrace and cruel, supple beauty. A stupendous ingenious feat of digital programming architecture.

Lots of assets, agents and extras - and true meaty fx for more sonic mutation of the right kind.

A proper instrument. You can ride it like a tidal wave. With confidence. Now these things have become antiques, you'd have to remortgage to assemble the vintage gear to reproduce this sound from its original sources - valve amp, analogue flanger, Space Echo, etc. Then there's ongoing maintenance.

Here it is in transferable digits. Immoral and surreal, like downloading 1979, but less of a liability."

John Foxx (Electronic Music pioneer)

Recording Magazine - Minimonsta

"I've owned Minimoogs from the early '70s through the late '90s. Of all the emulations of that instrument I have experienced, Minimonsta is clearly the most authentic.

GForce has done its homework very well and produced a software synthesizer that is almost indistinguishable from the hardware synth it emulates. The modulation flexibility added by the LFO/XADSR matrix and the Melohman functions brings it to a new level in software synthesizer performance."

Recording Magazine

David Gamson - impOSCar2

"I wrote an awesome song which I completely based around one of your impOSCar2 arpeggio patches...Don't ask for publishing!!"

David Gamson (Ke$ha, Scritti Politti)


Future Music Magazine - Minimonsta

"Purists and pioneers alike will love the Minimonsta - to build on a classic is no mean feat"

Future Music Magazine - Platinum Award

Chris Bangs - VSM


"Vintage funk sounds?, Roy Ayers, Stevie, Zawinul? Nothing else comes close!"

Chris Bangs (Galliano, Boogie Tunes Records)

Billy Currie - impOSCar


"The impOSCar is the most exciting synth in my set up. It has a unique sound and the Overdrive was quite literally MADE for me. Come On England."


Billy Currie (Ultravox)

Sean Charles


"The Minimonsta, ImpOSCar and Oddity are my favorite go-to virtual synths - hands down. In the fast pace world of interactive music scoring and sound design for video games, you have endless creative possibilities with this killer suite of plug-ins. They are unequivocally the FATTEST sounding plug-ins and programmable beasts on the planet."

Sean Charles (Audio Director, Propaganda Games - A Buena Vista Games Studio)



It's immediately evident when playing a Gforce instrument that the creators of these plugins are in love with the hardware they emulate. Great sounds coupled with extremely faithful recreations of these classics make these must-haves in your collection. - Klayton


Music Mart Magazine - impOSCar

"It's powerful, really powerful and delivers faultlessly. Like it's stable mate, the Oddity, the results are outstanding and leave you with the feeling you've just eaten the best 7 course meal of your life, satisfied.

And with a retail price of around £100 it becomes about the best VST Synth classic emulation I have seen."

Music Mart Magazine

Naughty G - VSM


"If you don't know what the magic of a proper analog string machine sound is all about, just try this: in GForce's new VSM plugin, load the Freeman/Strings 2 sound in layer A, give it a bit of amplitude envelope attack and release, then set the Ensemble effect to 8 voices, mix to full and detune anywhere between 4 and 5pm.

Turn your speakers all the way up.

Play a couple of nice thick chords. If you didn't come in your pants yet you better go back to selling pancakes."

Naughty G (Sascha, Trevor Horn & The Black Smoke Band)