Instrument Quotes

Artist feedback on our instruments

Sound On Sound Magazine - M-Tron Pro

"The M-Tron graduates to long trousers with this highly enjoyable, easy to use 'Pro' version of GForce's popular, well-loved Melly plug-in. Its dual-layer structure orders subtractive synthesis, effects, full MIDI control and a greatly expanded code library. Twice the fun!"

Sound On Sound Magazine

Andrew Schlesinger - Oddity


"Incredibly accurate great ARP sound, versatile programming possibilities, wonderful interface and fun to the max! A musically useful trip to retroland."

Andrew Schlesinger (Sound designer for Emu, Casio, Korg, Kurzweil, Roland, Novation, Kawai, Seer Systems and Alesis)

Lee Groves - impOSCar


"Fuck me, it's immense!"

Lee Groves (Janet Jackson, Britney Spears, Madonna, Basement Jaxx and more)

Steve Winwood - Minimonsta

"I closed my eyes and could not believe it was not the real thing."

Steve Winwood (Traffic, Spencer Davis, Solo Artist)

Sean Charles


"The Minimonsta, ImpOSCar and Oddity are my favorite go-to virtual synths - hands down. In the fast pace world of interactive music scoring and sound design for video games, you have endless creative possibilities with this killer suite of plug-ins. They are unequivocally the FATTEST sounding plug-ins and programmable beasts on the planet."

Sean Charles (Audio Director, Propaganda Games - A Buena Vista Games Studio)

Fraser T Smith


"I use the Oddity for effects so it usually comes in at the end of the songwriting process. There's a fantastic preset called Kamikaze which I use for builds etc.

Then I use the impOSCar for some dancey stuff, MIDI sync'd arpeggiation and stuff like that."

Fraser T Smith (Craig David, Plan B, Mutya, Kano)

Ted Perlman - Oddity


"WOW!!! I just installed Oddity, and I feel like Michael J. Fox in "Back To The Future".

I remember the ARP on gigs I did and sessions I played on "back in the day". This softsynth sounds like you went back in time and snatched the original and dragged it back to now. It sounds soooo amazing!"

Ted Perlman (Bob Dylan, Diana Ross, The Manhattans, Ringo, Joe Cocker)

John Foxx - impOSCar


"Delicious. Really a new instrument based on that great warm, broad sound of the original. A welcome realisation of a great lost synth of the period.

(I remember a conversation with Paul Wiffen where he said the next stage of the Oscar was a poly version, but sadly, the company closed before this was realised).

So, the polyphony is finally here and is extremely useful. Some immaculately designed patches. Equally adept at groaning organic leads and delicate evolving soundscape pads. Everything from edible to visible to shredded.

I spent an entire day just playing with this one. Got quite lost in all its potential. Also managed to bank and record enough for the start of several new tracks. An inspiration."

John Foxx (Electronic Music pioneer)

Mitchell Froom - The Streetly Tapes

I'm a fan of your software - your volumes 1-3 are great - just bought volume 3 and they're the best software versions of these kind of tape libraries I've come across.

Mitchell Froom (The Bangles, Elvis Costello, Sheryl Crow, Crowded House, Paul McCartney, Robin Gibb, Maria McKee, Randy Newman, Nerina Pallot, Pearl Jam, Bonnie Raitt, Suzanne Vega and many more).

BT - impOSCar


"As an avid collector of analog synthesizers and an equal enthusiast of modern plug-in based softsynths...I am always a little scared when a company tries to recreate not only a classic, but in this case something I own 2 of.

Let me say this, the day after I received the impOSCar, we boxed up both my beloved OSCars and put them in storage. This plug-in is nothing short of flawless. Quite simply the best softsynth I have ever heard. The filters alone are astonishing and I must say, although my pair of OSCars have mad sentimental value to me, I can't believe I can carry them around with me in Audio Units versions on the very laptop I write this on! Kick ass guys, a home run."

BT (Solo Songwriter, Composer, Producer. Credits with Madonna, NSYNC, Sarah McLachlan, Seal, Sting, and soundtracks for 'Monster' and 'The Fast And The Furious')