Instrument Quotes

Artist feedback on our instruments

Sean Charles


"The Minimonsta, ImpOSCar and Oddity are my favorite go-to virtual synths - hands down. In the fast pace world of interactive music scoring and sound design for video games, you have endless creative possibilities with this killer suite of plug-ins. They are unequivocally the FATTEST sounding plug-ins and programmable beasts on the planet."

Sean Charles (Audio Director, Propaganda Games - A Buena Vista Games Studio)

Ted Perlman - Oddity


"WOW!!! I just installed Oddity, and I feel like Michael J. Fox in "Back To The Future".

I remember the ARP on gigs I did and sessions I played on "back in the day". This softsynth sounds like you went back in time and snatched the original and dragged it back to now. It sounds soooo amazing!"

Ted Perlman (Bob Dylan, Diana Ross, The Manhattans, Ringo, Joe Cocker)

Ashley Slater - Oddity


"I couldn't live without my Oddity and I could bang on about how brilliant the filters are ( I love the way they close at the end of a note) and other boring shit, but the truth is it sounds fat and mental and i love it."

Ashley Slater (Big Lounge, Freakpower, FatBoy Slim)

-Xandy Barry - M-Tron Pro


Do yourself a favor and purchase the M-Tron Pro immediately. Incredibly simple and musical, right out of the box so easy to work with and it just sounds amazing. The painstaking attention to detail and convenience is mind blowing. A favorite instrument of ours here at WAX LTD - we can’t live without it!

-Xandy Barry - WAX LTD


Herbie Hancock - Oddity


"The Oddity is so authentic it takes me back to my Headhunter's days."

Herbie Hancock

Craig Anderton - Oddity


"This is an afficionado's plug-in.....a product for synth connoisseurs. It feels more like a labour of love than an attempt to rule the world of soft synths with a Great Big Commercial Hit; somebody put a lot of time into getting the details right."

Craig Anderton (EQ Magazine)

Music Tech Magazine - impOSCar

"After several days with the impOSCar, it has to be proclaimed a winner. It's hard to think of another soft synth with as many features or as powerful as this for as little as £100. Definitely recommended. Produces wonderfully fat, aggressive sounds."

Music Tech Magazine

DTM Magazine Japan - impOSCar

"The sound is simply incredible! The most fun part is to achieve completely unexpected sounds by customizing the harmonics of the user waves. It's a shame that my job is to recommend good synths because I want to keep this all to myself."

Hiroshi Fujimaki (DTM Magazine Japan)

Caged Baby - Oddity


"I used the Oddity frequently on my new album and could create virtually any bass and lead line I wanted, the tweakability is amazing - genuine analogue sounds."

Caged Baby

Futurecut Productions


"We use Oddity and M-Tron almost every day on tracks including LDN / Knock-em Out - Lily Allen and Wannabe - Dizzee Rascal"

Futurecut Productions