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It's immediately evident when playing a Gforce instrument that the creators of these plugins are in love with the hardware they emulate. Great sounds coupled with extremely faithful recreations of these classics make these must-haves in your collection. - Klayton


Richard Barbieri - impOSCar


"The original Oscar was one of only a few analogue synths that I never had the pleasure of playing but after only an hour or so with the impOSCar it's pretty clear that I missed out on a great synth.

This is a programmer's dream, a real variety of sounds are possible ranging from pure evolving textures to hard driven and modulated lead lines. The LFO section is one of the most natural sounding on a soft synth and the effects are a welcome bonus. A modern classic."

Richard Barbieri (Japan, Porcupine Tree)

George Duke - Oddity


"The Arp Odyssey was my first love in synths and the virtual simulation you have created not only brings back great memories but allows me to recreate that sound and feel authentically in my current tracks - very cool software and my hat goes off to you."

George Duke

Geoff Downes - impOSCar


"Having been a member of the original Oscar owner's club in the mid-eighties (this was made up of assorted geriatrics, weirdos pot-heads!), I was very curious (and dubious) to see how this new damned elusive impOscar would measure up against its mentor.

You see, there was always that ONE sound that you could get out of the original Oscar and not from anything else which made it really quite special.

Well I can honestly say in comparison, after having worked with impOScar for some months now, the answer is simply: Better - and better. Very inspirational sounds, ease of operation, full polyphony, fatter-than-fat bass and many other very cool features make it without doubt one of the best software synths on the market in my opinion. And most importantly, you can still get that ONE sound that sounds like nothing else. In fact, you can get quite a few more than just one! Bloody brilliant - Get one. Now!"

Geoff Downes (Asia, Buggles & Yes)

Will Gregory - Minimonsta


"The ability to sculpt the sound using both hands makes the Minimonsta a real musical instrument, rather than just a programming tool."

Will Gregory (Goldfrapp)

Future Music - impOSCar

"The result is an extremely powerful soft-synth - one of the most powerful, honestly, that I've ever come across. A brilliantly designed great-sounding virtual OSCar and ASG for a hundred quid. Buy it today." PLATINUM AWARD

Future Music Magazine

Colin Newman - The Streetly Tapes Vol 2 for M-Tron Pro

"This is the real deal. What is so refreshing and totally useful about GForce's M-Tron Pro is that they attempt to give us everything that anyone ever tried to load into a vintage Mellotron. You get the 'classics' but you get also get sounds no one expects should be associated with a machine dating from the 60's. With the Streetly Tapes Vol 2 they've upped the ante again, you get more sounds from the Tron originators, sounds tailored for the original machine but not in hock to anyone's expectations of what sounds it should produce."

Colin Newman - Wire (

Ted Perlman - M-Tron Pro


"All I can say after using the M-Tron Pro for a few sessions is WOW!!!!!!!

What a great upgrade! It works perfectly in Nuendo, no patch memory or CPU issues. And the sounds - ALL killer!!! The remastered ones are absolutely brilliant, yet the originals are there if the user wants the "old sound". The loops have been edited wonderfully...I could go on and on.

This is an absolute GEM of a release, and most definitely should be considered a 'must have' instrument for ANY producer, arranger, musician, songwriters, etc.

Congratulations on a great release!!!"

Ted Perlman (Bob Dylan, Diana Ross, The Manhattans, Ringo, Joe Cocker)

Mike Overacker - Oddity


"Since I last talked to you, I have been using the Oddity again, in greater detail. I.....I can't....stop....using it. It is really great."

Mike Overacker (

Xantone Blacq - VSM


"If you want Funkadelic, Prince, Herbie Hancock, Roy Ayers and George Duke's sounds from their classic records you'll find them all with VSM."

Xantone Blacq (Artist, Producer, Amy Winehouse Keyboard Player)