Artist Interviews

Endorsees are regularly used by companies for a wide variety of reasons. Largely, these revolve around trying to increase sales by adding kudos to a product.

In certain cases some companies are happy to pay for this privilege. Here at GForce software we never pay endorsees for quotes or pictures, so you can rest assured if someone endorses our products, the quotes they provide are both genuine and based on real-world experience of the instrument.

We receive a lot of feedback from pro & semi-pro artists and if what they do floats our boat we'll try to find out more. Here's a few of our favourite to-date.

Brian Drake

We’re almost as obsessed with visual arts as much as we are with synthesisers and old keyboards. Combine the two elements and, frankly, we’re in seventh heaven.

Ian Button

We’re always happy when people get in touch and play us music that uses any GForce instrument. We appreciate everything we’re sent and we can safely say that we regularly get tracks that make us sit up and take notice and which leave us smiling for a good few days.

Billy Currie

Although probably best known to many for his pioneering synth work with Ultravox, Gary Numan & Visage, Billy Currie has also enjoyed a successful solo career since the release of his first album 'Transportation' in 1987.

Tara Busch | I Speak Machine

Taking analogue synths on the road is never something to be done lightly and despite our love for them, it's not something we'd ever recommend.

Ben Kealey | Kasabian


When not playing keys with one of the UKs finest bands, Kasabian, Ben can be found nuturing his other artistict love, urban art. 


Tell us about your path into the music business.

Ryan O'Neal | Sleeping At Last

We've said it before but we never pay for endorsements and although we regularly get requests from bands and artists, rarely do we get past the opening sentence before consigning most to the reject bin. "Your competitors gimme me all their stuff and you should too" is one phrase that's guaranteed to evoke a swift and predictable response.

David Schreurs | Grandmono

David Schreur's work came to our attention after hearing Caro Emerald’s wonderful “Back it Up” on the radio. After buying the album “Deleted Scenes from the Cutting Room Floor” we were delighted to hear extensive use of M-Tron and immediately recognised the craftsmanship involved in it’s writing and production. We love it!

Sean Charles

Sean Charles - Top games audio director cites GForce software as 'the Swiss Army knife for audio production'

John Foxx

Electronic music icon John Foxx recently took delivery of the Oddity, impOSCar and M-Tron and was so impressed that he mailed us the following.

David Ruffy

David Ruffy (The Ruts, The Stranglers, The Levelers, MIca Paris and more)