Instrument Quotes

Artist feedback on our instruments

Luke Slater


"Oddity, ImpOscar!!!! Absolutely right on! So far we've used the Oddity in particular on every track I've done. Thanks for being original."

Luke Slater

Geoff Downes - impOSCar


"Having been a member of the original Oscar owner's club in the mid-eighties (this was made up of assorted geriatrics, weirdos pot-heads!), I was very curious (and dubious) to see how this new damned elusive impOscar would measure up against its mentor.

You see, there was always that ONE sound that you could get out of the original Oscar and not from anything else which made it really quite special.

Well I can honestly say in comparison, after having worked with impOScar for some months now, the answer is simply: Better - and better. Very inspirational sounds, ease of operation, full polyphony, fatter-than-fat bass and many other very cool features make it without doubt one of the best software synths on the market in my opinion. And most importantly, you can still get that ONE sound that sounds like nothing else. In fact, you can get quite a few more than just one! Bloody brilliant - Get one. Now!"

Geoff Downes (Asia, Buggles & Yes)

David Gamson - impOSCar2

"I wrote an awesome song which I completely based around one of your impOSCar2 arpeggio patches...Don't ask for publishing!!"

David Gamson (Ke$ha, Scritti Politti)


Matt Johnson - impOSCar


"The imposcar has a personality all of its own."

Matt Johnson (Jamiroquai)

Mike Beck - impOSCar2

"impOSCar2 is like a cool beer on a hot day. Thank you for properly aging it. Well worth the wait, and then some."
Mike Beck 

I Monster - M-Tron Pro


"The ability to layer sounds and create splits opens up a big world of creativity. The addition of modulation, multi filters and envelopes is also a big step forward in terms of creating totally new sound or just tweaking the classic sounds to fit better into an arrangement."

I Monster

Bruce Woolley - The Streetly Tapes M300 Leads for M-Tron Pro

With the new Mellotron 300 series, the Streetly & GForce team have taken the Melly experience to another level. The source technology had improved upon the earlier designs and these ‘Hi-Fi Sci-Fi’ sounds have been lovingly transferred from the original tapes into the digital domain - bringing a whole new clarity of vision and sonic depth. Highly recommended.

Bruce Woolley (Radio Science Orchestra, Grace Jones)



Tchad Blake - OptiTron Expansion

"OOOOOOOHHH....much joy. It’s great to hear these sounds in this format."

Tchad Blake (Elvis Costello, Tom Waits)

Music Tech Magazine - impOSCar

"After several days with the impOSCar, it has to be proclaimed a winner. It's hard to think of another soft synth with as many features or as powerful as this for as little as £100. Definitely recommended. Produces wonderfully fat, aggressive sounds."

Music Tech Magazine

Mark Taylor - M-Tron Pro


The authentic accuracy of every sound re-created by the M-Tron Pro is mind boggling. From the classic choirs to the flutes of ‘Strawberry Fields’ this platform is unmistakably retro 'tron.

Mark Taylor (Simple Minds)